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The footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is hospitalized and is tired of being there lying in bed. Help Cristiano Ronaldo has escaped through the window, but be careful do not fall to the ground that can really hurt Cristiano Ronaldo Throwing out the window
In this game these two players to a duel basketball face. You have to interact with Messi to try to sneak the ball into the basketball hoop. The player with the most baskets will win Messi vs Cristiano
The evil has captured Pigsaw Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to force them to play a malicious game where must regain World Cup Brazil 2014, stolen by the deranged doll. Luck! Messi and Cristiano vs Saw
Ronaldo and Messi are fighting to win the Golden Ball this year and you have to choose your favorite player and clobber the contrary that you will remove the desire to win the golden ball Ronaldo vs Messi: Golden Ball
Messi played the ball of gold in this dark night of Halloween where pumpkins come to life and prevents Messi scores a goal. Interact with Messi and gets a lot of goals to achieve the golden ball Football: Messi on Halloween
Give him to play and enjoy this humorous video where a man is in the bathroom and is stuck. What will happen! Video humor: Stuck
play this game in the mood where you have to change channels with the remote control without the dad Account Remote control: Humor
In this game you have to prove that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world and this will have to take on Lionel Messi Ronaldo Crying
Portugal and Italy have tied the semifinal of the World Cup in Brazil, when the penalty has come to break the tie. Point and shoot to score a great goal! In the world Ronaldo of Brazil in world
Play this fun memory card game with the best players of FC Barcelona football team. Press the desired letter over the couple remembers where that card as quickly as possible FC Barcelona: Memory Cards
Pou is in your salon because she wants to change her look and know that you are very good with the haircut. Do not disappoint our friend Pou! Pou, real hair cut
If you like the pool and challenge your opponents, this is your game table shows who is the best and then put it into practice in real life. Real Billiards
Go out and fight all thugs who prowl the city. Give him a brutal beating these criminals that continue to bother Street fights, Real
Have a good time playing this Barbie mini game where you have to change your look with all the accessories you can have a real hairdresser Combing Real Barbie
Barbie looks prettier than we have here in Fandejuegos. Dress her for what you want, arranged for an important event or informal to go for a walk down the street. Real Barbie dressup