create puzzles shipping constructions pirates
The pirates are loose and many boats are attacking you, you must defend yourself throwing guns. You must also take all the coins and find the treasure that is crouching somewhere! Pirates in the Caribbean
Play classic game Bubble but now with pirates. Aim the cannon and shoot the same colored balls to eliminate them. You must remove all balls to the next level Bubbles: Pirates
Play this fun game of pirates kill zombies. Treasure Island has been infected with zombies and the army of the United States has to be exterminated. Use the tank to shoot all the zombies Zombie Pirates
You have to jump into the lifeboat without falling into the water. To jump from the hubbub you press the space bar and calculate power. There are several levels Water Pirates
Red Beard the pirate to be pissed off all the ninjas. Put your skills with this great pirate ship and cannon to defeat all Nijas with mouse support Pirates vs. Ninjas
Play this great classic slot game virtual and win a lot of money Pirates Revenge
Captain Sparrow is on a deserted island and is full of crabs. Help Captain Sparrow has to kill all the crabs beach. Use the mouse to play this fun game Pirates, Beware of crabs!
In this fun Adventure Time you have to interact with Finn to fight Vikings and pirates. Mix magic potions and weapons to hechizarlas create more damage to your weapons and armor Time Adventure: Pirates
Play the classic game of Craps against Captain Jack Sparrow. Whoever gets more wins. Dare to defeat Captain Jack Sparrow! Pirates of the Caribbean: Dice
In this game you have to navigate pirate a pirate ship and bomb the enemy ships. Retrieves all gold chests you find to buy new weapons Pirates conquer the seas
Another fascinating Play Pirates of the Caribbean game where you interact with Captain Sparrow in the depths of a sunken ship. You have to be very careful about the traps and rescue your friends locked Pirates: Depths of the Dutchman
These pirates you see in the picture have come to a mysterious island and must protect the garden of daisies a few evil creatures that want to destroy the garden. Place your pirates near the road to attack enemies Pirates Love Daisies
Sail with the Black Pearl and destroys all your enemies with devastating cannons. Press the Z key to drop bombs on the left and drop bombs on the right must press the X The Black Pearl: Pirates
You are one of the most sought pirates and have you in the sea. Do away all the boats on the sea floor. Ineractua with the arrow keys and shoot your cannons to the space bar. Pirates on the high seas
Have fun with this fantastic game plat6aforma of the real movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Interact with the arrow keys for movement and the space bar to fight with the sword. Disney Pirates of the Caribbean
In this fun game you have to complete all the puzzles of each level in the shortest time possible. If you like cars sure you will like this game! Car Puzzles
In this game you have to create a building with pieces that offer at each level. You have to put all the pieces without dropping any. Enjoy! Puzzles
Play this great puzzle game of the Disney film Ice Age 4. You have to click with the left mouse button to move the piece desired, you can also rotate the piece by pressing the Ctrl key and left mouse button Ice Age 4: Puzzles