acuticos attractions create decorate parks pools children summer
You have been hired in a dress shop for sale this summer and your job is to serve customers in a very peculiar for a good tip. Invest the money to buy upgrades for the shop Summer Sale 2013
Have you visited the parents of your girl and you have to kiss your girlfriend when nobody can see you. Otherwise you will start the level again Kisses in the summer holidays
This girl is invited to a party is very important and take a disgusted face. Help this girl to wipe her face and choose a nice dress Makeup for Summer Party
Julia wants you to help to make up for the summer holidays and need a facial, makeup, combing hair and choose a nice dress to go to the beach Makeup for summer 2013
The hot summer heat threaten the city and you have to escape, collect all the ice cream you can to achieve your maximum score. Be very careful with the chili that produces heat and subtracts points Penguins escape the summer
You have to decorate this room so that you like. You have to choose all kinds of objects and season. Interact with the mouse Decorate 4
Decorate this room so that you like. We give models more modern furniture on the market to get a super modern room. Interact with the mouse Decorate your way
Dr. Toy wants you to help them decorate their new clinic this summer. Decorate as you like, sure to be delighted Dr. Toy new decor Decorate the clinic of Dr. Toy
Have a good time playing this fun mini game where you can paint hands decorate nails, tattooing and more Decorate your hands
Decorate your feet this summer with new colors and new designs, you can tattoo and put rings on their toes. Use the mouse to play this fun game Decorate your feet 2
This loving couple marry early and nerves do not know how to decorate the car. Help this nice couple to decorate your car for the happiest day of their lives Decorate your wedding
Decorate the kitchen so that you like. Here are a variety of colors and models of furniture. Interact with the mouse Decorate the kitchen
Help this girl painted toes. You have a variety of colors and precious rings which still look great. Interact with the mouse Decorate your feet
Christmas is a contest. You have to decorate the whole house with Christmas items which will win the contest. Do the best you can have here all the objects Decorate the house
Would you like to go to eat ice cream parlor and more juicy? for here you can create your favorite ice cream, chocolate, vanilla or whatever you want. Decorate your ice cream
If you do not like the carpet, take it off, asynchronous easy, and put the one you like, just do the furniture as you like. Decorate your room
Elsa wants you to help with the new move, you need to decorate the castle while she is away. Have fun! Decorate Castle Frozen
You have been hired to decorate the new room Frozen castle. Use your imagination to decorate the room of the princess. Surely with your style, very nice room will decorate princess Frozen! Decorate the room Frozen