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Play the classic game of bubble popping colors. You have to throw bubbles and align by color, try to eliminate them all to the next level play Popping bubbles: Bubbles

Popping bubbles: Bubbles

Play this addictive game where you have to Jewel burst all the balls from the screen before time runs out. How many levels can advance? play Popping balls

Popping balls

In this game you have to align balls color balls to eliminate them. Try to remove all balls from the screen to the next level play Align balls

Align balls

Great balls game, where you must carry the pipe hata requested. With the mouse you can select the direction and strength. Perfect game of skill and very entertaining. play Balls into the pipe

Balls into the pipe

Play ball game where you have to throw balls while eliminating those that are equal in threes. Go to the next level if you get it done as quickly as possible. Interact with the mouse play Throwing balls 2

Throwing balls 2

You have to explode colored balls attached to the color out of the zip. Note that you have limited time to do it and if you do well go to the next level. Interact with the mouse play 2 color balls

2 color balls

You must pick up the green squares without getting crushed pink balls. If you win you get bonuses. Interact with the cursor play Balls and square

Balls and square

In this game there are balls in motion and you have to separate the blue to the left of the screen and the right red. You have to separate the balls in the shortest possible time to the next level play Separate balls

Separate balls

Play golf in this fun game of throwing the ball as far as possible. Use the mouse to play this fun game of golf
Golf: Throwing balls
This Smurf need help to remove all balls from the screen. Help this Smurf to fire a powerful missile, to pass the level you have to remove all balls from the screen
Smurfs throws balls
Our friend Goku has to retrieve the seven Dragon Balls to fulfill his wish and it will struggle with his magic wand. Interact with your mouse to move and fight press the left mouse button
Goku and the seven Dragon Balls
Classic game machines in which you have deleted the same color balls to invading the screen and the game ends
Remove groups of balls
A duel of swords and magic where you have to align objects for your fighter to fight and beat your opponent. Dare to fight!
Jewel Manamancers
Shoot colorful birds to remove them all before they reach the bottom of the screen
Birds Bubbles
Play classic Jewel game with new levels and new challenges. Burst all the gems to the next level
Artic Jewel
Play this new game where you have to burst Jewel emeralds. Destroy as many emeralds as you can before time runs out
Jewel Tasia
Spend a good reato playing this addictive game where you have to burst Jewel all the gems on each level before time runs out. There are over forty levels!
Jewel Galactic
Have a good time playing this fun game where you have to align Jewel faces cartoon Dora the Explorer
Dora Jewel
Burst all mushrooms screen from a devastating cannon firing. You have to shoot the world of Mario mushrooms to make them disappear to all
Bubbles: Mushroom
Play this fun game of skill where you have to cast each bubble of love in the tub for
Bubbles of Love
Help this lucky miner to collect all the emeralds has each level with the help of this devastating cannon. Aim and destroys all diamonds in each level
Jewel: Canyon
Play classic Bubble game based on the TV series Naruto. You have to throw bubbles and pop them to line up three or more of the same color. Try to eliminate all before they get to the bottom of the screen
Naruto Bubbles
Help Willy Fog has to turn around the world in eighty days playing the classic game of jewel. You have to remove objects to the next level. Take advantage of the bonds to facilitate the move
Jewel in 80 days
You have to explode all the bubbles of color that you indicate. The more bubbles explode from level anger. Interact with the mouse
Colorful bubbles
Play classic game Bubble but now with pirates. Aim the cannon and shoot the same colored balls to eliminate them. You must remove all balls to the next level
Bubbles: Pirates
The game is to save all the butterflies that are trapped by bubbles. Throwing a ball that anger destroying these bubbles and releasing butterflies, with the help of a mobile platform that will not let fall into the void.
Butterflies in bubbles
You`re a little wizard who leaves his village to defend it from the witches that are besieging. Goes a long way to reach the head of the wizards and defeat.
Spells, Jewel
Bubbles Play version of Christmas. Interact with your mouse all the bubbles that are contacted by another pump of the same color.
Bubbles at Christmas