Buzz Lightyear and Buddy Games

Spend some time sorting all the pieces of this puzzle of Buzz Lightyear. Use the mouse to move the pieces

Games Buzz Lightyear: Puzzles

Buzz Lightyear: Puzzles

Buzz Lightyear has a new space mission, has to rescue all the aliens before it is too late. Rescue all to open the door. Enjoy!

Games Buzz Lightyear Alien Rescue

Buzz Lightyear Alien Rescue

Our friend Buzz Light year of Toy Story, has gone to a special mission to an unknown planet. Point your mouse and shoot the evil aliens. Ojo! Do not shoot the aliens that they`ll good points.

Games Buzz Lightyear in an impossible mission

Buzz Lightyear in an impossible mission

The baquero Toy Story has a new mission: Remove all toys from Andy`s new house. Be careful with the road is in very poor condition and if dropped the toys begin again the level

Games Toy Story toys transports

Toy Story toys transports

Imagine youre in Hollywood and youre in a program, takes over and throws the characters you dislike

Games Hollywood Buzz

Hollywood Buzz

Help our friend Buzz Light year from Toy Story to eliminate the enemy forces that are threatening the planet earth. Interact with the arrow keys to move the same and the space bar to shoot his big laser.

Games Buzz Light year Space Command

Buzz Light year Space Command

Pou is helping Santa Claus has to fill the bag of toys for Christmas. You have to get the toys fall into the bag, otherwise you have finished the game. What toy do you prefer?

Games Pou toys

Pou toys

Paint this beautiful image in which they see this pretty girl

Games My Toys

My Toys

Are you ready to create toys? In this game you have to assemble the pieces using the toys you find at the bottom of the screen. Monta toys before the time runs out!

Games Create toys

Create toys

Choose your favorite toy and win all the races in this game, but be very careful not to crash, otherwise you will start the level again. Use the arrow keys to move

Race toys

We will put your skill with the mouse in this game where you have to collect all the toys as you can without falling off the platform. Move the mouse left and right to move

Tornado picks up toys

Spiderman has to carry toys in a truck but the road is in very poor condition and will have to drive very carefully to keep the load

Spiderman toys transports

Help this girl to carry all your toys in the truck. You have to transport the toys to the bottom of the screen without falling, otherwise you`ll start the level again

Claudia carries his toys

In this game there are two strange creatures who have to reconnect with each other, but this will have to think the solution for them to be together forever

Story Blob 2

Play the classic game of Connect 4 with characters from Toy Story drawings. Player to make a line of four tiles wins. Fun!

Connect 4: Toy Story

IN this game of Toy Story have to find all the differences of the images from the movie Toy Story 3. Try to find all the differences in the shortest time possible

Toy Story 10 Differences

Have a good time playing this fun puzzle game where you have to complete this puzzle Disney Toy Story drawings

Toy Story: Jigsaw

Help Woody to carry toys in the garbage truck without falling any toys. Be very careful with the way it is in very poor condition

Toy Story: Toy Truck

Woody wants you to help find the six differences in each level. Click the mouse where you think is the difference, but you can only go wrong three times in each level, otherwise you will start the level again

Toy Story 3: Differences

Play this fun game of Toy Story based on the classic game Galaxy. Buzz Lightyear has to shoot all the Martians without being hit by his shots. When you have full energy bar press the space key

Toy Story Galaxy

In this game you get to dress up our friends from Toy Story. Buddy can dress in the clothes you choose, you can change clothes as many times as you want

Dress Toy Story

Platform game super realistic animated Toy Story 2. You will think you`re seeing the same movie on a mission to rescue the friends of Buddy.

Toy Story, Toy The nursery

Platform game similar to the classic Final Fight, where you have to fight with some soldiers who fight for world peace.

Story of Arado

Today we are going to tell the story of the ball, speaking of friendship, perseverance and luck of two charming children.

The story of the ball

Disney Characters Toy Stoy Buzz Light year, Woody and others, have created a bowling alley. Choose your character and have fun trying to pull all the pins.

Toy Story: Bowling

This game tries to protect a kid back home, help to make it safely to his family

Frankie Story 2

Help Andy has to find all the lost toys. You have to find all the hidden objects in the shortest possible time

Toy Story: Hidden Objects

In this dress up game you can dress the Toy Story cowboy named Woody. Change clothing many times as you want and choose a new look for Woody

Toy Story: Woody Dress

Spend some time looking for the hidden letters that are in the images of Toy Story. Find all the letters hidden in the shortest possible time

Toy Story: Letters hidden

Fun game of the last movie Toy Story 3. All objects located beneath the screen as quickly as possible, to move to the next level. There are several levels

Toy Story 3 searches for objects