cities constructions build create ability
In this game we give you the freedom to create your own amusement park. Arrange the pieces of the park where you want. You can put as many pieces as you like and if you want you can also remove it to put another Build your park
In this game you have to create the best amusement park for the whole family where you have to serve your customers and offer your services to get a large sum of money that you have to invest in buy upgrades for your park Build family park
You need to be lighter than the time and build the right way to fill the balloons. If you do well go to the next level. Interact with the mouse Build path of balloons
Now you can build your own Lego city. You have to build a city on this island in the Bermuda Triangle, be very careful with the storms that can destroy the most defenseless homes Build your Lego city
Enjoy this unique game to build your own amusement park. You have to make money and satisfy visitors. You start from scratch with only one carousel pass a level as you build more attractions Build your own amusement park
The characters in Peppa Pigs wants you to help you build your new house in the country, help them build a nice house as you want, you are the builder Build the home of Peppa Pigs
Help Dora the Explorer and Boots to rebuild the shattered bridge to the fox. Interacts with the mouse to locate the fox. Then click the left mouse button in the piece that you think is missing in the bridge and place it correctly Build the bridge of Dora the Explorer
In this game you can create your own ice cream this summer. Awaken your imagination and make the most delicious ice cream Create ice
Are you ready to create toys? In this game you have to assemble the pieces using the toys you find at the bottom of the screen. Monta toys before the time runs out! Create toys
Create Russian mountains is not as easy as it sounds, you have to create a roller coaster for the fairgoers to enjoy themselves. Draw curves and rise rollercoaster Create rollercoaster 2
Now you can increase your income by creating an authentic site where you can not miss anything for campers to enjoy a great holiday Create camping
Now you can create your own custom Furby, you can change styles and dresses as often as you like. Sure your creativity will create a nice Furby Create Furby
Put hand sewing to create your own models of jeans. Create multiple custom pants for you and put a photo on Facebook of fandejuegos. com to see new models of jeans Create jeans
In this game you have to create a landing pad for the helicopter. You have to form a platform with materials supplied each level you then you have to fly the helicopter and park it on the platform without hitting Create runway
In this game you have to create hamburgers as the customers demand. You have to be very fast with the mouse because you have little time to create the burgers Create burgers
In this game you have to help this girl has to create their own doll house. You have to select the desired object and drop it into place to create the doll house Create dollhouse
Enter the store the police and make a devastating weapon with materials that you find in this store Create weapons
In this game you can create a character from the popular game Minecraft. Interact on the menu to customize the character, you can also change the wallpaper to make it look more real Create Minecraft
In this game you have to create a 1911 pistol and shoot at targets to test the good work you`ve done. Can you mount the gun disassembled? Create guns
Have a good time playing this fun game where you build your own pet. Have fun! Create a Pet Blue