attractions constructions build fairs mountains strategy treadmill parks carousel create
You have to decorate the house of your dreams. A variety of furniture you put it all in their proper place and where you like. Interact with the mouse Build house 2
In this game we give you the freedom to create your own amusement park. Arrange the pieces of the park where you want. You can put as many pieces as you like and if you want you can also remove it to put another Build your park
In this game you have to create the best amusement park for the whole family where you have to serve your customers and offer your services to get a large sum of money that you have to invest in buy upgrades for your park Build family park
You need to be lighter than the time and build the right way to fill the balloons. If you do well go to the next level. Interact with the mouse Build path of balloons
Now you can build your own Lego city. You have to build a city on this island in the Bermuda Triangle, be very careful with the storms that can destroy the most defenseless homes Build your Lego city
The characters in Peppa Pigs wants you to help you build your new house in the country, help them build a nice house as you want, you are the builder Build the home of Peppa Pigs
Help Dora the Explorer and Boots to rebuild the shattered bridge to the fox. Interacts with the mouse to locate the fox. Then click the left mouse button in the piece that you think is missing in the bridge and place it correctly Build the bridge of Dora the Explorer
In this game you have to help a wrestler has to find the exit of the maze to get some paper The Role
Slap the ghost train cars for the monsters have fun on Halloween night. Your mission is very fun because you have to do everything possible so that the monsters have an unforgettable night Ghost Train Ride
A massive alloyed approach Creeper Steve`s house and now you have to stop them by placing towers. How long can you go without these Creeper reach Steve`s house? Minecraft Tower Defense
This time Steve is in the Adventure Island and can do anything you want, from building a house to destroy the whole island, you decide what you want to do with Steve Minecraft Adventure Island
Aliens have kidnapped you to serve in the restaurant of the spacecraft, now you have to manage and meet the new restaurant to get a lot of money with which you can pay for your freedom Restaurant for aliens
In this game you have to try not haiga traffic accidents. Make every effort so that no one gets hurt. Can you get it? Accidents in the city
Use the matches to set fire to all the materials for each level all while burning up to none. Use your wits and logic to complete all levels of this game Arson
Create Russian mountains is not as easy as it sounds, you have to create a roller coaster for the fairgoers to enjoy themselves. Draw curves and rise rollercoaster Create rollercoaster 2
In this game you have to scare the humans that you find in each level and if you can collect all the diamonds before time runs out get big bonuses Terrifying Demon
Have a good time tuning your aim with shooting pool on the first level where you have to strain the red ball and then the black ball, but if, before the time runs out. ¿Will complete all levels? Snooker
In this game you have to work with the Mafia to do some illegal work, but mostly you have to drive and reach the destination before the enemies can kill you. Invest the money to buy upgrades and new weapons Gangsters Way
Homer Simpsons have to park all the cars parking without damaging Homer helps control cars rather than destroy them Simpsons car Parking
Create and manage tasks Hotel Baron, you have to build a hotel for every taste of customers, hires the best people to work well site. Can you do it? Hotel Baron