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Fight the enemy with violence and wins. When you conquer the opponents base shared experience points to evolve. play Robot War Strategy

Robot War Strategy

You are at the fair shots of ducks and your mission is to shoot the moving ducks escape while none play Shooting ducks fairs

Shooting ducks fairs

Choose the most desired motorcycle and race against your opponents in a motocross race. You have to get the first goal to the next level play Motocross in the mountains

Motocross in the mountains

Low at high speed through the mountains of snow in your town. Grab your skis and make slalon, be very careful not to fall or the fall will be very dangerous. Excellent game and fun to ski. play Skiing in the mountains

Skiing in the mountains

You have to help this engine to do its mission. It helps take all the objects in the way of mountains, be careful not to fall as they are dangerous curves and hills. If you do well go to the next level. Interact with the cursor play Dangerous Mountains

Dangerous Mountains

How is it gives you puzzle games?. Well, heres a funny game and in turn is a great test for your intelligence. play Build up

Build up

Here you have this great car, to loosen your creative side to your inner. Paint it any way you like, put the headlights, do whatever you want EHN. play build you car

build you car

You have to decorate the house of your dreams. A variety of furniture you put it all in their proper place and where you like. Interact with the mouse play Build house 2

Build house 2

In this game we give you the freedom to create your own amusement park. Arrange the pieces of the park where you want. You can put as many pieces as you like and if you want you can also remove it to put another
Build your park
In this game you have to create the best amusement park for the whole family where you have to serve your customers and offer your services to get a large sum of money that you have to invest in buy upgrades for your park
Build family park
You need to be lighter than the time and build the right way to fill the balloons. If you do well go to the next level. Interact with the mouse
Build path of balloons
Now you can build your own Lego city. You have to build a city on this island in the Bermuda Triangle, be very careful with the storms that can destroy the most defenseless homes
Build your Lego city
The characters in Peppa Pigs wants you to help you build your new house in the country, help them build a nice house as you want, you are the builder
Build the home of Peppa Pigs
Help Dora the Explorer and Boots to rebuild the shattered bridge to the fox. Interacts with the mouse to locate the fox. Then click the left mouse button in the piece that you think is missing in the bridge and place it correctly
Build the bridge of Dora the Explorer
Create a new Lego house at your leisure. Sure you spend a good time decorating the new home of Lego. Have fun!
Lego House
Now you can increase your income by creating an authentic site where you can not miss anything for campers to enjoy a great holiday
Create camping
In a very hostile terrain a massive wave of zombies are approaching threatening the population, but with your army will not have trouble stop
Survival, Zombies vs Knights
Renegades is a graphic adventure game where you are the commander and your mission is to move your soldiers, kill enemies and meet the objective of each mission. Good luck!
In this power plant are small leak acid and your mission is to collect the drop of acid before they hit the ground. Collect and deposit acid into cuvettes to avoid a nuclear catastrophe haiga
Panic acid
Drive your fleet of pirate ships to victory to conquer the seas and collect all the treasure chests
Admiral Caribbean
An evil zombie is infecting all humans with a virus that become zombies, but you`ll stop cunningly placing your soldiers in strategic places going over your empire and not infect your villagers
Zombies will not
In this game you have to build a platform for the objects are in the right place and this will have to move the necessary parts and place them properly to accomplish your goal. You dare!
Constructor woodworking
A duel to the classic game of battleship, but now with the characters of the TV series SpongeBob SquarePants. Place your ships on the most suitable for your enemy not find places. The first to sink all ships will be the winner
Battleship SpongeBob
Go back a classic game Pacman fandejuegos as is once it is tinted blue to make it new. Eat as many coconuts as you can and remember that you can only eat the ghost when you eat magic coconuts
Blue Pacman
Run over, bust and annihilate all the zombies in the city mounted a military tank of the Second World War. Your goal is to escape the city healthy and safe
Zombie Tank
All a city been infected by a virus that has transformed all the inhabitants in mutant zombies and now have to destroy all enemies with the help of your survival strategy. Send your men to fight!
Zombies against caravans
Do not miss the fight against Spiderman Green Goblin. Use your skills to defeat the villain Spiderman Green Goblin. Who will win?
Spiderman vs Green Goblin
The city is plagued by zombies and your mission is to place dynamite in the most critical places to do the most damage. Use your intelligence to blast all the zombies game
TNT Zombies