spa beds massage barbie
Sign in massage school where you have to put yourself in the shoes of a real massage and massage a girl with ailments in the face and back. Follow all directions on the girl to massage spa play Massage School

Massage School

Draculaura needs a spa section and wants you to give a backrub impressive. Heat the stones and give a stunning Draculaura massage. Use the mouse to play this game play Magical Massage for Draculaura

Magical Massage for Draculaura

After a hard Justin Bieber concert our rock star needs a nice massage and you have to help give a relaxing massage to Justin Bieber. Enjoy Justin Bieber lets you give a massage play Justin Bieber Massage

Justin Bieber Massage

Barbie has had a baby and now has to look after him. Help Barbie take care of the baby has your best play Barbie Mom

Barbie Mom

Barbie has to find her boyfriend for a ride in his new car. To pass the level you have to reach the end without hitting the screen, otherwise you will start the level again. Use the arrow key to move play Barbie car

Barbie car

Again have to dress a Barbie, but now with better clothes. play Barbie 2

Barbie 2

Another great game where you must dress up Barbie with other clothes. play Barbie 4

Barbie 4

Barbie Dress up these elegant dresses and put pretty. play Barbie 3

Barbie 3

Another entertaining game play dress up Barbie, this time you will have new clothes to dress Barbie
Barbie 2
Barbie is on the way to the hospital and you have to cure it before it arrives. Step into the shoes of a medical emergency and our friend Barbie cure before it`s too late
Barbie in the ambulance
Play classic game Barbie bejeweled, you have to align all Barbie blocks of the same color to remove them. You have to remove all the forests before the time runs out
Barbie Bejeweled
Have a good time coloring various pictures of Barbie, using the colors you like and colors as you wish
Barbie Coloring
Barbie has had a serious accident while riding his bike and now have to heal and pamper much to stop mourn
Barbie in the hospital
This girl has a date with a guy who likes a lot and with the nerves not know what to wear, help this girl has to dress and do not forget to make a manicure
Barbie manicure
Rihanna has hired you to wear makeup before leaving the concert music. First choose everything you need to make a facial pair and then you pick a nice dress
Rihanna Barbie Spa
In this game Barbie and Dora the Explorer have to find the key to the door of your house and open the door that will lead you to the next level
Barbie N Dora
In this game you have to dress Barbie New Barbie Sirena with new models and new hairstyles. Dress Up Barbie Mermaid and do not forget to choose a beautiful hairstyle
Barbie Mermaid
Barbie has a new house and want us to help you choose a nice decoration for your new home. Changes color as many times as you want by simply clicking on the desired box
Barbie has new home
Barbie wants you to help you control your bike in this exciting new game Barbie bike. Make stunts with Barbie to get a large sum of points Have fun!
Barbie Stunts
Barbie wants to save us from the evil robots that threaten to destroy human life. Interact with Barbie in this platform game and destroy all robots before it`s too late
Barbie vs Robots
Barbie wants you to help with your new job where you have to cook delicious hamburgers with fries and drinks. You have to cook as fast as possible to get a good tip
Barbie: Restaurants
Barbie has a high fever that is very ill and only his love`s kiss can help reduce fever but the doctor does not want anyone to kiss. Barbie kisses when no one can see you
Kissing Barbie in bed
Our friend has to transporta4r Barbie toys in his new truck but you have to be very careful because the road is in very poor condition toys can fall
Barbie: Truck
In this puzzle game can complete bariums Barbie puzzle. You have to complete all the puzzles before time runs out. Press the left mouse button to rotate the pieces
Barbie: Puzzle
Barbie has an appointment with Ken and has very little time to make up, if you want to get there in time to help with the latest makeup makeup products
Barbie Makeup 2
Make up Barbie for the elections of the President of the United States. Make up her secrets and confidential rebels to remove all impurities from the face and get a good presence facial
Barbie president
Barbie was spending a few days at the ranch and when he realized he had escaped all pigs. Now you have to help Barbie pigs recover all your precious horse mounted using a lasso as authentic Denim
Barbie Horse
Play make God and make a new Barbie to succeed on the catwalk. Take this opportunity to create your own Barbie, makeup, change the eye color, hairstyle and wears the best clothing
Create a Barbie