adventure time cartoons run escape finn heroes jake Super heroes
Enjoy all the super heroes of the comic and television series. Interacts with the mouse to perform different tasks as follows. There are different levels Super Heroes, Trivial
Have a good time completing these puzzles small Lego superheroes. There are three different levels! Puzzles Lego Super Heroes
Pay attention to the screen and find all the hidden parts of each picture in a limited time. Be very careful not to mistake because if you mess up your game time subtracted Super Heroes is the hidden images
Enjoy this humorous video where all the superheroes and cartoon heroes struggle to prove who is the better fighter. Who will win? War heroes: Parody
You were caught stealing a very valuable treasure and now you are looking all over the kingdom. You have to shoot all the enemies you encounter along the way and recover all the treasures you find Band of Heroes
Play this fighting game where you can choose several different warriors and fight against thousands of enemies in a fight to rescue your queen. Learn to make devastating combos to help you defeat the enemies Heroes warriors
All the heroes of the television is in this game where you must collect all the faces of the heroes to achieve the highest score. Try to collect all the faces with the mouse World Heroes
Play the game heroes Farm saga where you have to pop all the fruit to get money to buy animals for the farm. How many levels can overcome? Farm heroes saga
First part of the great game Strike Force Heroes. You are a scientist who want to kill and your mission is to escape, get weapons to kill all enemies that prevent you from leaving the laboratory where you are. Can you get out alive? Strike Force Heroes
Strategy game where you must place your soldiers in a strategic place to prevent enemies from reaching the castle of King Tower Defense: Heroes
In this game you have to choose your favorite hero, as Goku and kill all the zombies in the city using your magical powers. You can play in two player mode Crazy Zombie vs Heroes
Great action game where you`re an astronaut is inside a spaceship and terrorists want to kill you and your partner. Kill all the enemies and protect your fellow Strike Force Heroes 2
Pick your favorite character such as Dragon Ball Z Goku and fight all zombies in this city by force and magic of each character Crazy Zombie 2 Crossing Heroes
The evil puppet has kidnapped to force Finn Jake has played his evil and deranged game. Finn must travel several places OOO where he will face more than one opponent. Help Finn has safely to rescue Jake! Adventure Time vs Saw
Have a good time playing this fun game where Adventure Time Ice King has turned everything into ice and you have to get to the magic star Adventure Time on Ice
Finn and Jake game where you fly towards the sky. Help Yeik has give a great kick to his dear friend Finn. The further you get more points Finn and you can exchange for improvements Adventure Time
Help our friend Finn to control the skateboard to escape from King Ice. You have to move forward in the level avoiding all obstacles that lie in your path Adventure Time Skateboarding
Help Finn and Jake has to collect all the Christmas gifts Santa Claus throwing before they disappear, hurry before it`s too late and you run out of gifts Adventure Time at Christmas