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For those who do not know the famous Pacman will say that is the Original eats coconuts, this fun ball only has a mouth mission is to eat everything you find in a maze. Although this does not serdel all easy since there are four ghosts who try to catch and kill in order to survive our hero must avoid them and eat fruits or other objetos. Al eat the fruit tendrunos seconds that could eat the ghosts themselves and these huirn of l, if we can stake out some simple sermucho ms solve the maze and eat all finished items or other objects. But this can be dangerous as this invincibility only durarunos seconds and ends when the ghosts turned darn and atacarn us, this means that if we end up just about to eat us one of these four ghosts We could die if turns before nosotros. Esto means to overcome each maze will have two ways to do this, making our yellow friend dodge the ghosts while advancing or atacndolos as we have opportunity.