Pacman World Most Wanted Games

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29 Pacman World Games

Go back a classic game Pacman fandejuegos as is once it is tinted blue to make it new. Eat as many coconuts as you can and remember that you can only eat the ghost when you eat magic coconuts Blue Pacman
Luigi should get out of this labyrinth that is lost but this will soon devour all the marbles. Baby Luigi Pacman
SpongeBob and his friends want to play Pacman game and for that you have to interact with SpongeBob and Patrick. Press the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot SpongeBob: War Pacman style
Here you have an explosive mix of two classic games, Pacman and Xonic, be sure to take this opportunity to play this great game Pacxon
Game of the classic Pacman style in handling a man who has to take stacks outside a supermarket. Good Clients
If you like the classic Pac- Man, also known as Pacman. I challenge you to play this fun game with characters from the Luny Tunes Taz Man; Looney tunes
Play this fun maze game based on the game Pacman. You have to collect all the coins on the screen to unlock the door if you catch the rabbits murderers Maze
Our friend returned back to Bomberman to deliver numerous explosive bombs. You have to plant bombs to clear the way towards the exit, but beware that the pumps are highly explosive and can destroy Bomberman: Baatman
In this funny game you have to rescue your girl from the evil samurai. You have to collect all the keys and meet the angel that leads to the next level. You have to collect all the keys without touching the enemies. Luck! Kung Fu Hero Escape
Play classic Kirby game based on the game Bomberman. You have to drop bombs to break through and destroy all your enemies Bomberman Kirby
Play this game where Mickey has to save his girlfriend Minnie playing the classic Pacman game. Collect all the keys to free Minnie cell where trapped Mickey saves Mimmie
Fun game, despite its low graphics but very addictive. This game is based on the classic game of Pacman. Eat all balls every screen avoiding enemies Pac Bang