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27 Our chess Games

It pits your team of warriors with the other group as a game of chess question. Tactics 100
If you like games of chess here we give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills as a strategist. Have fun interacting with the mouse to make the move. Flashchess III
If you like the game of checkers, you`ll love this. Fun checkers game based on the film of Alice in Wonderland. You have to beat the rabbit to the next level. There are several levels Alice in Wonderland, Damas
For those who do not know how to play this game is, kill all opponent`s pieces. Moving diagonally and one square per move, except to kill the enemy that jumps to two boxes. Ladies
Play the classic game of the ladder against the computer, Who will win? For those who have never played this game the rules are: If you get in the box to the ladder you have to move to the end of the ladder Snakes and ladders game
Play the classic game of checkers against the computer. You have to think how you can win this Batlla The Ladies
Are you bored? Now you can play the Ladies totally free, without registering or anything. The player who kills all opponent`s pieces is the winner You can be the next winner! Free Checkers
The three in a row is a very addictive game, you have to get a straight line before your opponent. The first to get a straight line, is the winner The three line
Spend a good time playing the classic game of Dominoes. Do you know how to play it?. Good for those who have never played, you have to take the card that has the same number as the tab is on the board, place all chips Get! The Dominoes