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Help Naruto to collect witnesses and hand in hand screen, you have to be very fast because you have very little time. Earn money and buy upgrades for your bike play Motorcycle Naruto mission

Motorcycle Naruto mission

Help our friend Naruto has to find all the differences in each level in the shortest time possible play Naruto: Find differences

Naruto: Find differences

Naruto has lost magic key that opens the coffers of the jungle and now you have to face exciting adventures to collect the magic key. Find the key and open the chest to reach the next level play Naruto in search of magic key

Naruto in search of magic key

Naruto In this game you have to jump a super jump up to the monastery is on top of the clouds, but be very careful with enemies and deadly traps play Naruto: Super jumps

Naruto: Super jumps

Naruto very good game, one of the best games, spend great moments with this game and with all your friends, is a very addictive game. play Naruto Sasuke Chakra Training

Naruto Sasuke Chakra Training

Fun game in which Sakura will show how good it is with his fighting skills play Sakura Skills

Sakura Skills

Dress up this formidable martial arts master with the most luxurious clothing. play Dress Up Kakashi

Dress Up Kakashi

This time we managed to Kakashi and must drive the entire forest with this character. play Ninja Kakashi

Ninja Kakashi

Now you have the opportunity to wear the ninja Gara with more suitable clothes. play Dress Gara

Dress Gara

Dress up this dreaded demon in the clothes more appropriate for the moment. play Dressing the Kyuubi

Dressing the Kyuubi

Dress up this beautiful ninja and dress her sexiest clothes for this young ninja play Sakura Dress

Sakura Dress

Sai is a very important and you must dress appropriately for this event. play Dress Sai

Dress Sai

Black magic has taken over the souls of all the ninjas Rigirochi school. Now all you have to think about is, in trying to escape the clutches of your own peers.
Street fighting fun game where you have to fight against the Mafia in New York. You earned this city will require you pay a fee to increase their income, but you are not satisfied and have decided to fight!
Ganster en New York
Great fighting game where you can choose all the characters of the mini games such as Goku, Vegeta, Naruto, Super Saiyan Goku, One Piece and many more
Comic Stars Fighting Enhanced
Great fighting game where you can choose from many celebrities such as: Goku, Bubu, Naruto, One Piece and many more. You can play in two player mode
Super Stars Fighting 3.0
This motorcycle racing game featuring characters from Cartoons pilot can choose as Ben 10, Power Ranger, Avatar and Naruto. Prove you`re made to ride a motocross bike
Cartoon: Motorcycle Racing
Enjoy this humorous video where all the superheroes and cartoon heroes struggle to prove who is the better fighter. Who will win?
War heroes: Parody

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Other free Ninja saga Games

Yet another battle between Goku and Broly, this time Goku is turned into super saiyan but even so it can overtake its rival Broly. play Dragon Ball Broly Saga 3

Dragon Ball Broly Saga 3

Naruto has to prove he is the fastest jumping and for that you have to jump up before you eat the screen. You can also play in two player mode. Luck! play Road of Ninja Naruto

Road of Ninja Naruto

Play Blade Blade with Lego ninjas. Choose your most desired character and fight your opponent. To win you have to use your juggernaut and push your opponent out of the ring play Lego: Ninjago

Lego: Ninjago

This time we managed to Kakashi and must drive the entire forest with this character. play Ninja Kakashi

Ninja Kakashi