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Play the game heroes Farm saga where you have to pop all the fruit to get money to buy animals for the farm. How many levels can overcome? Farm heroes saga
Now with this game you can create your own superheroes, the machine used to create the armor and customize it to your liking, do not let evil take over the city, creates a real superhero Creator of Super Heroes
Pick your favorite character such as Dragon Ball Z Goku and fight all zombies in this city by force and magic of each character Crazy Zombie 2 Crossing Heroes
Pay attention to the screen and find all the hidden parts of each picture in a limited time. Be very careful not to mistake because if you mess up your game time subtracted Super Heroes is the hidden images
Have a good time completing these puzzles small Lego superheroes. There are three different levels! Puzzles Lego Super Heroes
Play another fun game with Finn and Jake where you have to do different tasks like singing at a party or enter into a videogame. Follow the instructions to complete Jake all missions Adventure Time: Rhythm Heroes
Ironman helps to protect the city from the evil robots that want to destroy our city. Use your devastating weapons to destroy enemies Ironman 3: Protect the city
Interact with Iron Man in this Lego game where you have to fly and shoot the tyrants who would destroy our planet Lego: Iron Man
You have to vent the anger of Spiderman breaking a hard steel beams with just one punch. Press the space bar to bring the wrath of Spiderman and break all the beams The wrath of Spiderman
Ben 10 is inside an alien ship and has to investigate these aliens who are planning. Shoot your powerful laser gun and kill all these aliens Ben 10 Platforms
Interact with Naruto in this platform adventure game where you have to throw ninja stars at enemies and collect all the stars of the screen, get the frog to reach the next level Naruto adventures
Play basketball with these superheroes to shoot free throws. Choose the desired character in the superhero basketball Beat the contrary. Be careful when you throw the ball to the basket moves from left to right Batman vs. Superman: Basketball
Hulk is very angry with Thor and each time is given with a devastating kick in their buttocks and throws it right away. You have to give a devastating kick and throw as far as possible Hulk vs Thor
Some individuals are attacking our planet Earth and Captain America has to fight these criminals. Interact with Captain America and fight these enemies Captain America: Save the Earth
Have a good time playing this game Shin Chan where transformed into Ultra Hero and have to walk through the deep snow and kill all your enemies with devastating cannon Shin Chan: Snow Canyon
Our beloved superhero must save all humans from the robots that want to eliminate the human race. Superman`s mission is to kill the androids indicated by the task before time runs out Superman in Action
Play this new game from the Super Hero Squad dispute kart where large kart race. You can pick up weapons and launch them at your opponents to make it easier to win the race Super Hero Squad: Kart
Dress the Power Ranger with new armor. You can change many times as you want armor with just clicking the left mouse button. You can also change the stage Power Rangers Dress
Have a good time playing this fun game where you have to escape Spiderman of the laboratory, where many deadly traps. Spiderman Collect all possible to open the doors that will lead you to the next level Spiderman Escape

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