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Help this couple in love to dress in urban clothing. You can change your hairstyle and clothes, you can also choose where you want to be in physics class or riding the bus Fall in love
You`re an alien you`re sick of watching humans kill each other in wars. You must visit the earth and sow peace among all humans. Adsorbed soldiers and transform them into peace Love on Earth
Hi girls, I have several questions, I know that guy I want more in this fun test write my name and the person I want, in several second answer me if I deserve your love or not. I invite you to play the best test of love The best test of love
Pou want to impress your girl by giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers but the Devil wants to annoy, help our friend Pou has collected a bunch of flowers without the evil Devil account. Beware the Devil! Pou Love Adventure
Kiss this guy to forget his old girlfriend and never forget your kisses. Besa when the guy does not remember his old girlfriend, otherwise you will be charged a life Kisses to forget a love
Pucca is in the circus and will have to impress the audience with their skills to get kisses from Garu, which is what really interests you. Very passionate kissing game. Pucca Funny Love with
Our friend Mr. Bean has a problem with your love and want to escape this nightmare. Help Mr. Bean to escape from this farm in the shortest time possible Mr. Bean escapes his love
Have you ever dreamed of your love and a very romantic dream? This girl is dreaming with your partner and with thousands of dresses, helps the couple to choose a good dress for your next meeting Dress: Dreams of love
These guys are dating and are now in chemistry class, they have to kiss each other without the teacher discovered his love. Press the left mouse button to kiss Love and Chemistry: Kisses
In this fun game you get to create your own rabbit. You can change color and appearance all as you want, you can choose a nice dress to meet his new love Create rabbits in love
These pirates you see in the picture have come to a mysterious island and must protect the garden of daisies a few evil creatures that want to destroy the garden. Place your pirates near the road to attack enemies Pirates Love Daisies
Play with Snail Bob in another fun adventure game platforms. You have to activate switches for this snail can move forward levels to find his love Caracol love: Adventures
In this game Sonic has to find his new bride is kidnapped anywhere on the screen, your mission is to rescue healthy and save Sonic finds love
In this test the Chinese love you have to choose the Chinese horoscope of the person you want to know if they are compatible with each other. Have fun! Chinese Love Test
Ariel and her boyfriend are on the beach and want to give a big kiss of love is a curious but not the leave quiet, helps Ariel princess to kiss her guy without anyone interrupting Kisses love with the Little Mermaid
Works nonstop with love gift shop where boys and girls come in search of a gift for your partner desperate. Be kind to customers to get the highest possible income Love Gift Shop
It all started when these dogs were walking in the park and fell in love at first sight, they now want to help them dress has the prettiest dresses you find in the locker room Dressing love puppies
The Monster High wants to love this guy with one of her magical potions that can love anyone, but the problem is that it remembers the love potion in your store and there are many. You have to find out is that of love potion Monster High: Love Potion
Barbie wants to woo a girl preparing a cocktail of love but forgotten the recipe and now the boy has a cocktail waiting for you upon request. Helps drinks combine to create the cocktail of love Barbie serves cocktail of love

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