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Lobita has traveled back in time and gorillas have kidnapped and now as his friend Doraemon always has to rescue him. Interact with Doraemon through a world full of adventures and dangerous animals. Your mission is to rescue Lobita

Games Doraemon vs. King Kong

Doraemon vs. King Kong

Mario has to rescue his princess. You must avoid the barrels that Donkey Kong throws. Use the stairs to climb the platform and dodge the barrels to get where he is the princess. Reaches where the princess to the next level

Games Mario to the rescue

Mario to the rescue

This poor dinosaur has to save his species is endangered and has to collect eggs to continue playing.

Games Dino King

Dino King

Fun game where you must rescue your beloved from the clutches of the evil dinosaurs.

Games Caverman



King kong Games

Lobita has traveled back in time and gorillas have kidnapped and now as his friend Doraemon always has to rescue him. Interact with Doraemon through a world full of adventures and dangerous animals. Your mission is to rescue Lobita

Games Doraemon vs. King Kong

Doraemon vs. King Kong

The mission of this game is to interact with Donkey Kong in a quad to collect all the bananas of the phase. Interact with the cursor movement stops.

Games Donkey Kong ATV 2

Donkey Kong ATV 2

Help Donkey Kong to drive your new car by looking for delicious junagla bananas. Try not to crash, otherwise you will start the level again

Games Donkey Kong by car

Donkey Kong by car

I am directed to classic animated cartoons for you to remember those wonderful years

Games Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey

Interact with Donkey Kong riding his new bike where it needs to find his friend Diddy Kong. Your mission is to reach the bottom of the screen collecting as many bananas as possible. Be careful with killing traps

Games Donkey Kong on a bike

Donkey Kong on a bike

Play the new game of Donkey Kong Kart. Choose the most desired character and runs at full speed with your kart. To pass the level you have to cross the finish line before your opponents

Games Donkey Kong Kart

Donkey Kong Kart

Play this fun game of Donkey Kong where dispute a motorcycle race through the jungle of Donkey Kong. You have to win all your opponents to advance to the next level

Games Donkey Kong: 3D Racing

Donkey Kong: 3D Racing

Make up this girl from Hong Kong for an appointment to harvest. This very pretty girl wants to be that guy who likes both and you have to help makeup, comb and pick a nice outfit

Games Makeover: Hong Kong

Makeover: Hong Kong

Donkey Kong has kidnapped the princess and Mario now has to rescue her. Rescue the Princess is at the top of the screen, but first you have to dodge all the Donkey Kong throwing barrels

Games Mario vs Donkey Kong

Mario vs Donkey Kong

Play classic game Mario vs. Donkey Kong in a new improved version with new levels. Your mission is to save the princess from the clutches of Donkey Kong, and for this you must dodge the barrels and find keys to unlock the stairs

Games Donkey kong remix 2

Donkey kong remix 2

Play classic Tetris game based on the game of Donkey Kong. Use the arrow keys to move the pieces to create complete horizontal lines to eliminate

Donkey Kong Tetris

Play this fun game of Donkey Kong in the jungle with his new car. You have to collect all the bananas you can until you reach the bottom of the screen. Be careful with your car Bolcase not otherwise get started again

Donkey Kong Jungle Stroll

Have a good time playing this fun game of finding hidden stars in the images of Donkey Kong, and his friends. Find all the stars in the shortest possible time

Donkey Kong: Stars hidden

Great fighting game where you can play in two player mode. Choose your character most desired and fight against all opponents

King of the fight

Become the king of water and drive your boat and win every race your opponents running at full speed.

King of Power

You must defend the castle from the enemy tanks that comes close to it use your firearm with the mouse.

King of the Hill TT

This poor dinosaur has to save his species is endangered and has to collect eggs to continue playing.

Dino King

The little King Arthur has to meet Merlin the magician. You have to run everything you can and using the potion to change your look. Try not to collide with the obstacles comvirtiendo a fish or bird

King Arthur

Play this game of thinking and accuracy. They have stolen the treasure of the king and you have to recover it, for it you must kill all tyrants throwing knives very sharp to the next level. Be very careful not to run out of ammo

The King's Treasure

You have to conquer a very vast world full of enemies. Your mission is to discover the vast world killing numerous enemies and buy spells, weapons, and armor. Remember that your mission is to conquer the island

The king of the island 2

In this game you have to put this handsome prince who is about to become king. Afeta, combs, brushes his teeth and choose a nice dress to announce the position of king

Shaving King

Already a specialized foot soldier with sniper rifles, I have preferred to work in a very complicated task because you have to infiltrate enemy territory, blend in and shoot all the enemies that are within range

Sniper King

The king has left you in charge of your first child and now you have to take care with love so baby does not get to mourn. Fill the tub with water and bathe the baby, choose a nice and elegant dress for my King

Bathing the son of King

You are the king of this realm and you have to rescue the queen of the revolution that has kidnapped somewhere in the kingdom. Avanza levels killing enraged many enemies in order to find the queen

The enraged king

It all began when rebels began castles has rob merchants, all the villagers are terrified because of the rebels. Talk to the king of the castle and put an end to the terror of the merchants fighting against thousands of enemies

The Rise of a King

Put on your apron and serves pizza restaurant tables where many hungry customers eager to take a bite of the delicious pizzas at this restaurant cocináis

Pizza King 2

Play classic zuma game with friends Timon and Pumba. Zuma is the game but this time a little better. You have to throw the bugs each with its color to remove them, you have to eliminate national all to the next level

Zuma: The Lion King

In this game you can color the Lion King with friends enjoying a great day in the jungle. You can change colors as often as you like

Coloring: Lion King

Have a good time playing this fun game Lion King where you must place the pieces in the right place. Complete the puzzle before time runs out. Press the space bar to rotate the pieces

Lion King: Puzzle

Would you dare to skip an enraged bull?. In this game you find yourself in the middle of a bullring and a raging bull wants to hurt you looking for ways to get rid of this bull

King Of Fighters Bull

Representation of the scene of the Disney movie Lion King 2, when Kiara save Kovu from the jaws of hungry crocodiles. Interact with the arrow keys for direction and the spacebar to jump over the crocodile.

Lion King, Kiara and Kovu

Pumba want to play with it to find the six differences in the drawings. Click with the left mouse button where you think is the difference. Try to find the six differences as quickly as possible

Find the six difgerencias the Lion King

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Other free Monsters Games

New characters and new enemies you have to fight to get the magic balls. You can also play in two player mode to face the most dangerous enemies

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.4

Disney fun game of monsters SA where you must complete the puzzle

Monsters Inc

Minecraft game where you have to go deep inside a cave to recover the lost eggs. Enjoy good adventure for eggs, you have to slide between the ice, jump rivers and dodge obstacles lavas

Minecraft Adventures

A space monsters threaten to destroy the planet Earth, but our heroes of Dragon Ball Z fight against them to give him a good beating. Herd Goku and his friends must fight the terrible monsters!

Dragon Ball Z Epic Combat

In this game you have to fight monsters of nightmares. You have to eliminate all the enemies before waking up, otherwise you'll be stuck in an endless nightmare

Fights nightmares

Power Rangers must master the ancient samurai bow to defeat the dark forces of the underworld! Go go Samurai!

Power Rangers Samurai Bow

The Power Rangers are trapped in a maze full of numerous terrifying enemies and you have to collect all the keys to open the doors to get away

Power Ranger: Mazes

Fight against other aliens in the ring and prove you`re the best fighter in the galaxy

Wrestling aliens

Pyronites, also called Fire or at least without so called Ben Tennyson, a character from the television series Ben 10. Interact with your mouse to destroy all the aliens that we are making life impossible.

Ben 10: Point and shoot

In this game you have to survive barias massive waves of zombies and mutant monsters who want to kill you and your girl. Is chasing the enemies to kill them before they can kill you

Bloody Night

Naruto has to fight the beasts to rescue Sakura which is held in the village of beasts. Use the bind martial ninja to fight and defeat the beasts. You can also use some spells to retain these creatures

Naruto fighting beasts

This is a girl who pretends to be a monster, so you can get close to other girls. When girls want to become just press the down cursor key.

Monster Girl

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