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The world has gone mad because of some monsters that have emerged from the darkness, but you have the solution to these problems. You have in your hands the sword of light, the only sword that can destroy them. play Lightsaber


It has unleashed terror in a village because of some monsters, but quiet for it is this hero with a special martial arts skills. Interact with the arrow keys for movement and the letter A for the claws. play Murderer sigma 3

Murderer sigma 3

Enjoy a game of fighting in the Paleolithic age, where he discovered witchcraft to war. You will have to put all your skills as a strategist. play Age of defensa 3

Age of defensa 3

The goal of this game is to stop the pigüinos who want to reach the goal. Stop them with a special weapon, the more pigüinos kill more weapons are unlocked. play Penguins Attack 3

Penguins Attack 3

Platform game where this cute character with some special powers is determined to be a hero. Help him to kill all the enemies with the help of fire. play Fire Man

Fire Man

You`re living in a city consumed by chaos and debauchery. But the government has a plan, have created a machine to destroy all the murderous gangs that are making life miserable for others. play Command Mechanical 2

Command Mechanical 2

Play it in full screen! to work. It is a game where you have to resist the invading holeadas different. Strategically placed in your defense towers and buy upgrades for them elles. play Lord of War 2

Lord of War 2

If you like platform games and war as the Metal Slug, this is one of yours without a doubt. Kill all the soldiers who will go through the streets of this city destroyed. play Urban Specialist

Urban Specialist

Attempts to colonize the neighbors before you colonize you. Use all your skills and cunning to defeat them in combat. play Bugwar 2

Bugwar 2

It is a platform game with very little quality graphics but with a notable gameplay. Is to find some documents in a suitcase and kill the scientist who created them. play League of Evil

League of Evil

Platform game where two sides of aliens are at war. Comes with your soldier to another army base, killing its commander. play Alíen guard 3

Alíen guard 3

The world of the Elves is threatened by the hordes of the dark lord. Defend your castle and launch your army to defeat the enemies before your resistance start to decline. play Epic War

Epic War

For being a bad person you sent to hell to cleanse your sins. Try to survive with your sword and magic. And do not forget to record all the objects you find to see if there is money, potions, weapons. play Kings Island 2

Kings Island 2

Create your own line of defense, to withstand the waves of enemies that will attack again and again. You`ll have some time off Aprovechalo to place aircraft, tanks and soldiers with assault. play Defensive line

Defensive line

You are the last humans left alive and have dug into a mountain of rubbish. Kill all the zombies as you can and look to improve your weaponry. play Last line of defense

Last line of defense

You are at war and all of a sudden you`re alone against an entire army. Try to survive all the waves of the enemy. play The lost warrior

The lost warrior

Santa is in a bad mood and has a gun. The enemies try to kill you, but you must be stronger and shoot anyone while standing.
Santa Kills Zombies 2
You`re a human killing machine and your mission is to kill the humans who want to spend less. Press the space bar to kill, be careful not to fail, otherwise you will start the level again
Killing Machine

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Becomes another exciting Dragon Ball game with new characters and new challenges. You have to find all the magic balls and fight all enemies that stand in your way. You can also play duel mode play Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.2

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.2

Naruto has to fight all the characters of Dragon Ball Z to retrieve the seven magic balls and make a wish to the dragon. Can Naruto beat all the characters of Dragon Ball? play Naruto vs Goku

Naruto vs Goku

Play this great game where you have police chases mislead the police and controls pop all police cars you can. Date the leak and try not to get caught by the police play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Persecution

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Persecution

Goku had to travel to the planet Namek to rescue his son Gohan Super Warriors of the wicked. Run as fast as you can and fight the enemies you encounter. Do not leave none alive! play Dragon Ball Z, Planet Namek

Dragon Ball Z, Planet Namek