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You are one of the best soldiers in your unit and you have recommended a very special mission where you have to infiltrate into the enemy territory and kill all the enemies before they can kill you Killing enemies
You are a hired murderer and your mission is to kill your victims without anyone noticing. Move quietly so you do not detect the cops Assault murderer
In this game you have to kill all the rats out of hiding. You have to wait for the right moment to hit the rats and make them disappear once and for all Killing rats
Homer is tired of her neighbor Flanders and wants you to help is to annihilate the entire family of Ned Flanders. Shoot the head to kill them with a single shot. How many members of the Flanders family can kill? Homer Simpson Flanders kills 4
Sharpen your aim with his gun and fail bounce bullets kill the maximum possible enemies. Your mission is to kill all enemies on the screen before running out of ammunition. There are 60 levels to play! Ricochet Kills 4
You have only one last attempt to jump on the bike and destroy the body of the pilot. The more damage you`ll get more points! The last trial

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