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If you like platform games and war as the Metal Slug, this is one of yours without a doubt. Kill all the soldiers who will go through the streets of this city destroyed. play Urban Specialist

Urban Specialist

Your tribe is in trouble, is being besieged by a neighboring tribe. Help them to reorganize the army to a good defense. play Teelonians clan wars

Teelonians clan wars

Attempts to colonize the neighbors before you colonize you. Use all your skills and cunning to defeat them in combat. play Bugwar 2

Bugwar 2

It is a platform game with very little quality graphics but with a notable gameplay. Is to find some documents in a suitcase and kill the scientist who created them. play League of Evil

League of Evil

But go to all the people who are unable to survive without you. Save them and kill all the zombies that can harm your refugees. play Zombie Curling

Zombie Curling

Platform game similar to the classic Final Fight, where you have to fight with some soldiers who fight for world peace. play Story of Arado

Story of Arado

The world of the Elves is threatened by the hordes of the dark lord. Defend your castle and launch your army to defeat the enemies before your resistance start to decline. play Epic War

Epic War

For being a bad person you sent to hell to cleanse your sins. Try to survive with your sword and magic. And do not forget to record all the objects you find to see if there is money, potions, weapons. play Kings Island 2

Kings Island 2

Some powerful men you`ve been hired to kill a whole tribe of Indians. Interacts through the jungle grabbing all kinds of projections to climb and reach your goals. play Murderer in India

Murderer in India

All items are at war for power to rule the earth. Your mission is to defend the fire element your castle. play The war of the elements

The war of the elements

The first thing you do is choose which part of the force you, Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi. After a fight with your laser sword. play Jedy & Jedy, lightsaber

Jedy & Jedy, lightsaber

You are at war and all of a sudden you`re alone against an entire army. Try to survive all the waves of the enemy. play The lost warrior

The lost warrior

The army of the United States to find where Bin Laden is hiding. You have to kill every terrorist to enter the house and capture Bin Laden play Bin Laden

Bin Laden

In Egypt, a rare worm has mutated to a bloodthirsty monster. Drive it to humans and animals for feeding and you can see its final mutation. play Worm terror

Worm terror

This girl cooked a delicious cake but want to eat insects. You have to move the mouse from left to right to recharge the insecticide and press the left mouse button to shoot poison play Insecticide: Killing bugs

Insecticide: Killing bugs

You`re a human killing machine and your mission is to kill the humans who want to spend less. Press the space bar to kill, be careful not to fail, otherwise you will start the level again play Killing Machine

Killing Machine

You are one of the best soldiers in your unit and you have recommended a very special mission where you have to infiltrate into the enemy territory and kill all the enemies before they can kill you
Killing enemies
In this game you have to kill all the rats out of hiding. You have to wait for the right moment to hit the rats and make them disappear once and for all
Killing rats

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Other free Action Games

Play this great game where you have police chases mislead the police and controls pop all police cars you can. Date the leak and try not to get caught by the police play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Persecution

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Persecution

If you like games Grand Theft Auto San Andreas this insurance game you like. First you have to travel on a bicycle to complete missions while you progress the game you can buy weapons and stealing cars play GTA ACE Gangster

GTA ACE Gangster

The Transformers have returned to earth to eliminate the robots murderers. Transformers can choose between two, choose the most desired and shoot the enemies with your laser gun, you can transform pressing the space play Transformer 3

Transformer 3