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67 Karate Games

Play this addictive game, manages this character who knows kung fu and defeats all the opponents that appear on screen. Kung Fu Remix
Fight game, manages this muay thai fighter and beat your opponents using the technique of the fight. Muay Thai v3
Animation fight very well designed in that theres really spectacular coups and trickery very well done. Sloppy Fight 2
Manage this great fighter and defeat all the famous characters from the console with which you face. Joe Da Punch
Sponge Bob Fun game where you must become a boxer and defeat all your opponents using fists. Boxing Bob
You school of ninja Shingara and your teachers have you given a mission to destroy enemy Dakyinsao school. Ninja Rampage
It is a fight flash game fun, with which you have to survive the fighting. Choose at your character and your opponent. Bushido fighters
Youre the higher Ninja is now in school and are raiding. Defend the school and the most precious thing is, their students. 3 Foot Ninja
You are the best in the school with the katana. And the teachers will go to test with some hired mercenaries. Interact with the letters A, D, W, S for movement and the J, K for the bumps and jumps. Hero
Two-player game where you can experiment with a friend the art of Capoeira fight with all their techniques and all its splendor. Capoeira Fight
An animation of SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks in a karate exhibition, which will show all your skills. Spongebob VS Arenita
Interact with this game to prove who is the king of martial arts, also have the option to play with 2 players. Guerrero to fight
This game reminds you quite sure the arcade classic Double Dragon. Fight all the evil that are besieging the streets. Dragon Spirit
Quarrelsome great game for girls where you can make several powers. Choose the most desirable and derribala fighter twice before that she loves you derrived Dream Club
It`s the battle of good and evil in the Ninja art. You must choose which side is yours and fight until you have strength, good luck. The Battle of Ninja Showdo
Play this fun fighting game with these girls. These girls are very angry with each other and you have to choose the most desirable girl. Fight your opponent to beat him to the next level Fight Angeles
Play this amazing fighting game Kung Fu. You can choose between a man and a woman, choose the most desired character and then have to defeat an opponent twice to the next level. Beat all to win the championship of Kung Fu Kung Fu
They have kidnapped your girlfriend and you have to rescue her. Kill all the enemies with the help of martial arts you know. Dale beat these guys and show them that you do not play Kung fu: Free
Kung Fu 3 is a platform fighting game where you have to get all the notes. Choose the desired character in combat most famous superheroes like Batman or Spiderman Kung Fu 3
Genjuro is a samurai who is very angry that you have stolen his master sword and you fight a wave of ninjas to recover the sword. You can use your fighting technique to eliminate the enemy Samurai

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