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Gta: san andreas Games

Being delinquent is the most fun, because when you can not die permanently and you can do everything that has crossed your imagination, no matter how crazy it can enjoy committing crimes.
This is what offers you Grand Theft Auto, an open world where you can unleash your madness ms possible criminal ways. Robs a store, docked to a peatn, steals a car pulling his punches dueoa, sltate traffic lights in red, shoot members of rival gangs, enters protected military bases and everything sper what comes to mind.
You have a variety of firearms, including: handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and bazookas. Also can use knives, fists Americans and explosives. Although everything has consequences because if we commit a crime the police chase us in function of the seriousness of the offense or offenses accumulated other government agencies sumarn to persecucine even the army.