Goku is the protagonist of the anime and manga Dragon Ball, one of the most eye series around the world. We've seen this hero grow from his childhood in which he was found by Bulma and Master Roshi trained in martial arts while trying to gather the seven balls dragn. Pero not everything was easy as she tried reunite the army of the red cross, tried to take them to dominate the world. Goku was forced to chase and hunt them down to recover the dragon balls they already have, it will resort to their friends and magical cloud to single out airoso. Cuando crecila best series, Call now ndose Dragon Ball Z in which we fight against all kinds of enemies using our super warrior powers to defend the Earth and all its inhabitants. But sertan simple because estn enemies on both land and in space and innumerable threats that confront our hero tendrque, for that matter we will help you in battles that lie ahead.