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Waitresses Games

How to play waitresses free, no downloads

The linchpin of the whole restaurant are undoubtedly the waitresses, they made one of the most important tasks. This work involves dealing with the client, since the first contact is made by them and all the time that are in the restaurant their work is valued by the diner.

If you're going to be a waitress you have to be quick and have a good memory, at one point several different clients may ask you command and if you are not able to memorize you can go wrong. The rpida be does not mean you do things wrong, should I take orders msrpido possible to the table without running or can you stumble.

At certain times of the day there may be queues of people coming to eat at our restaurant, right now we must keep calm and be the kindest possible to have patience. If you like to watch people come to eat and leave happy both food for being well cared for, being a waitress is your vocation and harsentir you happy in your work.

You're the waitress in the restaurant and your mission is to serve customers better and faster possible. You can also embody aircraft maids, waitresses in beach bars, bar waitresses or hotels, etc.

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