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Vermin Games

Free Vermin Game

bugs in the film, flik must exceed a dry river with a flower dandelion. because this game is based on that scene, ...

Free Kill insects Game
Kill insects

You#39;re a killer of insects and not surprisingly ...

Free Bugs are coming Game
Bugs are coming

Manage this pink ball and avoid all the bugs that you see around ...

Free Bees vs bees Game
Bees vs bees

In this game you have to help the bee has its hive corresponding ...

Free Cockroaches dream Game
Cockroaches dream

this man wants to sleep but disgusting cockroaches ...

Free Ant: Transportation Game
Ant: Transportation

ant queen has ordered all food transported to its burrow. ...

Free Big and small Game
Big and small

as its title says, the game is a small ant that has to come to a flower, ...

Free Ants kiz Game
Ants kiz

it is about the valentine and our friends do not want ants run out kisses. ...

Free Bug war 2 Game
Bug war 2

In this game you will be a great strategist ...

Free Adventures of bugs Game
Adventures of bugs

graphic adventure game where you have to protect a bug all the traps on his way back home. you have to click on the places ...

Free The fly Game
The fly

you blowfly and your mission is to collect ...

Free Fly vs Spiders Game
Fly vs Spiders

Great game where you have to carry out the cycle of life. The bigger ...

Free Computer cleaner Game
Computer cleaner

your computer needs a good cleaning to make it work properly ...

Free Kill mosquitoes Game
Kill mosquitoes

This game mosquitoes do not let mom sleep and wants you to help him kill all the mosquitoes ...

Free Enchanted frog girl Game
Enchanted frog girl

You#39;re a frog you have to eat bugs to break the spell and transform ...

Free Surfer insect Game
Surfer insect

surf by a small lake with this insect, collecting all the stars you can. interacts with the arrow keys for movement ...

Free Spider beware Game
Spider beware

In this game you have to help the insects ...

Free Third shrek Game
Third shrek

we know the character of our friend Shrek, because ...

Free Squadron Auriga Game
Squadron Auriga

defends the area where this Seated your alien military ...

Free Invasion of bugs Game
Invasion of bugs

In this game you have to survive several waves of giant bugs that want to kill you and destroy ...

Free Dora the Explorer: kill bugs in the jungle Game
Dora the Explorer: kill bugs in the jungle

strange bugs are dwelling in the jungle and our friend ...

Free Skylanders shooter Game
Skylanders shooter

play skylanders game where you have to explore ...

Free Save the garden Game
Save the garden

In this game you have to save your garden ...

Free Carnivorous plant Game
Carnivorous plant

eat all the flies in each level with the carnivorous ...

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