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Free Mermaids and treasures Game

in this game you have to move with a mermaid, you have to find all the diamonds ...

Free Submarines and treasures Game
Submarines and treasures

ride the submarine to search and find chests ...

Free Aladdin and the treasures Game
Aladdin and the treasures

Aladdin helps to collect all the red diamonds are embedded ...

Free Video game characters are the treasure Game
Video game characters are the treasure

Step into the magical island to find the lost treasure. ...

For mobile
Free Pirate adventure Game
Pirate adventure

This fearsome pirate needs your help to pick up your treasure ...

Free Submarine canyon Game
Submarine canyon

today we will dive to the ocean floor to recover ...

Free Dora the Explorer Pirate Game
Dora the Explorer Pirate

Dora the Explorer is now pirate and found a treasure, ...

Free Dora the Explorer in search of treasure Game
Dora the Explorer in search of treasure

Dora the Explorer has to collect all the magic keys to open the hidden ...

Free 3d battle boat, pirates Game
3d battle boat, pirates

Play this fun game of battleships based on the classic ...

Free Gold mining Game
Gold mining

use the crane to extract the gold. you have to have a lot of skill to collect ...

Free Uncharted 2 Game
Uncharted 2

Nathan Drake is ready for anything, it faces numerous ...

Free The Little Mermaid treasure hunting Game
The Little Mermaid treasure hunting

Our friend the mermaid needs your help to defeat ...

Free Daffy Duck, in search of lost treasure Game
Daffy Duck, in search of lost treasure

Lucas helps nuesro friend collect all the gold beneath ...

Free Underwater treasure hunters Game
Underwater treasure hunters

Play this fun game of treasure hunting on the sea floor with a new submarine. ...

Free Miner wagon Game
Miner wagon

Dig deep into the mine and help our hero get all the gems that are scattered ...

Free Aladino looking treasure Game

Now you can play with Aladdin in this new adventure that will take place inside the cave where the film begins. ...

For mobile
Free Treasure Hunt Donald Duck Game
Treasure Hunt Donald Duck

Donald Duck wants to use Mickey and Pluto are resting ...

Free Defends the treasure Game
Defends the treasure

in this game you play a pirate captain and your mission ...

Free Bell treasure hunting Game
Bell treasure hunting

help to find the necessary bell to take the fall treasures ...

Free The Golden Gauntlet Game
The Golden Gauntlet

Delve into a real action adventure where you have to travel ...

Free Ice fish Game
Ice fish

The objective of this minigame is to add bombs in areas favorable, ...

Free Doki and the pirate chest Game
Doki and the pirate chest

Doki and his friends have started a new trip to the Caribbean ...

Free Princess Oceana Game
Princess Oceana

Oceana saw the princess. a very pretty girl, which can add the best accessories, ...

Free Catacombs 2 Game
Catacombs 2

Become a real treasure hunter and dive into this pyramid ...

Free Castle treasure Game
Castle treasure

Help this explorer has found the hidden treasure of the castle. ...

Free Cursed Treasure 2 Game
Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure is a fun game where you have to be a strategist ...

Free Peabody and sherman in the magic forest Game
Peabody and sherman in the magic forest

Fantastic adventure game in which you can play with a friend ...

Free Escapes ocean Game
Escapes ocean

Become an experienced diver and discover the secrets ...

Free Mikey lost treasure hunt Game
Mikey lost treasure hunt

Mikey helps to find the lost treasure. You have to do a variety ...

Free Extreme Adventures Game
Extreme Adventures

Pass blast playing this fun adventure game where you are a young adventurer ...

Free Treasure Cave 2 Game
Treasure Cave 2

100 game levels, complicated but funny at the same time. get all the objects ...

Free Pendulums 2 Game
Pendulums 2

platform game where you have to go forward and go collect ...

Free The Treasury Calimero Game
The Treasury Calimero

In this game you have to open the treasure ...

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