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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Games

How to play The Hunger Games free, no downloads

The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games in its original title, is a successful trilogy of novels written by Suzanne Collins. It will know the reality of what once was known as the United States and has now been reduced to twelve districts in what is now known as Panem. This nation lived a great rebellion in the districts tried to end the tyranny of the Capitol, where reside the upper class of society, and it came out as the big loser 13th district was destroyed. To remember the fallen of this rebellion since the Hunger Games are held to never forget that districts are in the hands of the Capitol.

The Hunger Games is a sadist program in which the struggle for survival televised twenty-four boys, a boy and a girl from each district, known as taxes. They will compete in the arena of which only one winner will be forgiven life, being granted a life of comfort since.

The story revolves around Katniss Everdeen a girl of sixteen District 12 is pushed to voluntarily offered as a tribute to his little sister getting elected. His partner district will Peeta Mellark, the baker's son, who was always secretly in love with Katniss. On his journey to the Hunger Games they are prepared by a former winner of the Hunger Games in your district. Both make the audience believe they are in love and fall in love love story to the public, getting the two leave the pitch becoming the two winners of the seventy-fourth Hunger Games. This will be a challenge to the Capitol that want to get rid of them as they can be considered an example by the revolutionaries as the people who jeered the Capitol. All this plot will be resolved in the next two deliveries you can not miss if you're still of the few who have not seen.

In this section you will find in the Hunger Games, which will have to fight opponents to be the last to be alive and become the winner of the games. Get quick arms and be agile in hiding are vital qualities to get out alive from the sand. You can have fun while seeing falling survive all your enemies. You can not miss these incredible games that emulate the television program of this successful series of novels was brought to the big screen. Happy Hunger Games and that luck is always on your side!

Come and try to survive the Hunger Games in these fantastic games. Fight to the end against all your opponents and be sure to be the only person left standing on the battlefield.

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