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Defend yourself with the sharp steel of your sword in different adventures. Fun games such as swords and sandals, swords games for 2 players or enjoy the Star Wars lightsabers.
Free Pou ninja Game
Pou ninja

have a good time playing this fun game ninja pou where you have to use the katana ...

Free Battle Mania Game
Battle Mania

Heres another fun game of skill and memory ...

Free El Salvador warrior Game
El Salvador warrior

Fight this fearsome warrior and defeat the invincible ...

Free Spartan Game

you are the greatest warrior of all Sparta, and the Greeks ...

Free Test that kill Game
Test that kill

now is your chance to avenge your father. He takes his magic sword, ...

Free Hero Game

you are the best in the school with the katana. ...

Free Dreams sleeping Game
Dreams sleeping

experience a real adventure with this sympathetic character ...

Other Spades Games

Free Cut halloween pumpkins Game
Cut halloween pumpkins

we have sharpened their swords to cut all the halloween ...

Free Epic warrior Game
Epic warrior

in this game you play a warrior in the medieval ...

Free Fight with the Barbarian Game
Fight with the Barbarian

Test your fighting skills with these barbarians who will face off in an epic duel to the death with swords. ...

Free World of dungeons Game
World of dungeons

You have the mission to go to a dungeon ...

Free Yan Loong legend Game
Yan Loong legend

Manage this samurai to kill all opponents that arise along the adventure. ...

Free The Viking Game
The Viking

you must prevent the Vikings invade Spain, ...

Free Risen flash Game
Risen flash

adventure game where you have to drive a warrior ...

Free Millie and the frost mage Game
Millie and the frost mage

Squeeze your sword killing all your enemies you encounter ...

Free Armed With Wings Game

In this game you have to carry out a great adventure with this warrior. To carry out this mission ...

Free Track and field 2 Game
Track and field 2

Game based on the Olympics where you can choose ...

Free The warrior Xevoz Game
The warrior Xevoz

Anico manage your warrior and go all the monsters ...

Free The arena Game
The arena

play this fighting game, but sword fighting and fighting ...

Free Bowja The ninja Game
Bowja The ninja

play this fighting game helps to recover the amulet ...

Free Stick wars Game
Stick wars

Funny animation set in the classic saga of Star Wars, very funny and entertaining. ...

Free Blue knight Game
Blue knight

your people are being conquered by enemy armies, you must prevent ...

Free Fear unlimited arena Game
Fear unlimited arena

Fear Unlimited Arena is a fantastic role-playing game where you have to manage ...

Free Maximum Ninja 2 Game
Maximum Ninja 2

In this animation we can see the great ninja skills ...

Free Samurai jack Game
Samurai jack

The Samurai Jack needs your help to complete ...

Free FWG Knight 2 Game
FWG Knight 2

These distant lands have been threatened by evil forces ...

Free Super Castle Quest Game
Super Castle Quest

Funny flash version of Castlevania for you can enjoy this classic. ...

Free The sand Game
The sand

Fun game in which you must fight a gladiator, ...

Free The keeper of the castle Game
The keeper of the castle

you are the keeper of this castle and those in charge ...

Free 3 Foot Ninja Game
3 Foot Ninja

Youre the higher Ninja is now in school ...

Free Prince of War 2 Game
Prince of War 2

you are the ruler of this kingdom. and unfortunately ...

Free Dueling knights Game
Dueling knights

Get on your big monster, and defeat every opponent ...

Free Spanish card game Game
Spanish card game

The famous card game Briscola has come to our page in its online ...

Free Warlords Game

Fantastic game where you have to guide your troops ...

Free Swords and Sandals Game
Swords and Sandals

Swords and Sandals is a fantastic game where you have to create ...

Free Ninja rampage Game
Ninja rampage

In this game you will get into the skin of a ninja shingando ...

Free Fortress Guardian Game
Fortress Guardian

Evil forces are invading your land and all your villagers ...

Free Zelda Game

interacts through a world of fantasy with this Zelda game in flash. ...

Free Star Wars: Anakin Skywalker Game
Star Wars: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin takes the victory in this battle of lightsabers. ...

Free Disney, pirates of the caribbean Game
Disney, pirates of the caribbean

have fun with this fantastic game of the real movie Pirates ...

Free Ben 10 ninja Game
Ben 10 ninja

Our friend Ben 10 has learned the arts of the ninja. ...

Free Bacteria killer Game
Bacteria killer

some bacteria are mutating from outer space here on earth. ...

Free Gladiator on the sands Game
Gladiator on the sands

Have you caught the Romans and you have echo prisoner. ...

Free Lightsaber Game

the world has gone mad because of some monsters ...

Free The great slaughter Game
The great slaughter

platform game mixed with RPG. You are a great warrior ...

Free Vikings vs angry ogres Game
Vikings vs angry ogres

in the era of the Vikings underworld beings kidnap ...

Free Prince of Persia Game
Prince of Persia

finally one of the most played games platforms, the amazing ...

Free Teelonians Clan War Game
Teelonians Clan War

On an island of Gaul he lived the tribe of the Teelos, ...

Free History plow Game
History plow

Game similar to classic fight end platform, where you have to fight against ...

Free Gilberd the Kinight Game
Gilberd the Kinight

an evil to your beloved locked in a peculiar ...

Free Kings Island 2 Game
Kings Island 2

for being a bad person you were sent to hell to cleanse ...

Free Jedy & jedy, lightsaber Game
Jedy & jedy, lightsaber

Today we have a fighting game based on the hit film Star Wars saga. First you must choose ...

Free Kill Bill 2 Game
Kill Bill 2

sword fighting game based on the movie Kill Bill 2. Use your sword to kill your enemies, ...

Free Beetles murderers Game
Beetles murderers

you have to remove all beetles before you remove ...

Free Welcome to Volcania Game
Welcome to Volcania

Volcania is a beautiful place where you will develop ...

Free Star Wars: swords Game
Star Wars: swords

in this Star Wars game you have to fight against ...

Free Apokalyx: Gladiators Game
Apokalyx: Gladiators

great gladiator game where you build your own Gladiator ...

Free Rogan the master swordsman Game
Rogan the master swordsman

great adventure game and fight. rogan is a young warrior ...

Free The dungeon forgotten Game
The dungeon forgotten

rpg great game where you need to explore the map to find the forgotten ...

Free Medieval empires Game
Medieval empires

great strategy game where you have to start building ...

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Spades Games

How to play spades free, no downloads
Swords are one of the first weapons created by mankind for the sole purpose of the war have also been one of the main weapons until the arrival of gunpowder resulting in a variety of styles when to use them.
In the same way there are many different types of swords in ancient times almost all cultures had their own kind among which some were very similar and some really different. That is why even today there are people who spend their lives perfecting their combat style with these weapons, becoming as deadly as a firearm as short distances always be more effective fight melee. Travel to the Roman Empire and become a real legionnaire defeat the barbarians with your steel and teach them a valuable lesson they will never forget the fantastic games Swords and Sandals.
You can also become a samurai and play a series of matches against other knights who dare challenge you, show them that you are a master in this art. Or another option will be to travel to the futuristic world of Star Wars and face epic battles with lightsabers. There are many options you can choose to fight with swords and become an expert in handling these weapons. Get started practicing your swordsman skills with these great games that we have brought for you!