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Test your aim with these shots and shooting games in which have to hit the target. Shots on target, shooting zombies, shooting with bows and lots of free shooting games online that you can enjoy.
Free Shots: swat Game
Shots: swat

Fantastic first person shooter in which you must get into the skin of a soldier on the firing ...

Free Pull shots Game
Pull shots

You have to throw shots to give the red square ...

Free Shots vegetables Game
Shots vegetables

You were a very happy rabbit on the field until the vegetables ...

Free Shots: Sherriff Game
Shots: Sherriff

you are the Sherriff of this city#39;s old west and you have to maintain ...

Free Shots on cupcakes Game
Shots on cupcakes

In this place of muffins strange things happen ...

Free Shots: training Game
Shots: training

you are a super special agent and you have to improve ...

Free Shots on the battlefield Game
Shots on the battlefield

Manage this brave soldier in his mission to defend ...

Free Shots and aims Game
Shots and aims

Test your skill with weapons and prove you have wood gunman. ...

Free Combat zone: shots Game
Combat zone: shots

delve into the war and shoot all the enemies ...

For mobile
Free Lead and shots html5 Game
Lead and shots html5

Play from the phone or any device with internet ...

Free Balloons Game

new shooting game, this time the target is the target ...

Free Hive Hero Game
Hive Hero

Today we have a bee warrior must defend ...

Free Scorched 2 Game
Scorched 2

Scorched 2 is a game for you to have fun with family ...

Free Shoot monkeys in barrels Game
Shoot monkeys in barrels

Show your aim to these monkeys throwing balls that are hidden ...

Free Shoot one on one Game
Shoot one on one

Play a war of guns in which you have to knock down all your opponents ...

Free Shoot the deer snow Game
Shoot the deer snow

In this game as Christmas you have to test your aim by throwing snowballs at the reindeer. ...

Free The archer Game
The archer

Typical arched shooter where you have to use either ...

Free Escaper jail Game
Escaper jail

Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have escaped and are camouflaged ...

Free Clown killer Game
Clown killer

You will sharpen the focus very well and kill as many clowns ...

Free Mechanical command Game
Mechanical command

Drive a murderer and get into the opponents ...

Free Turkey shoot Game
Turkey shoot

Turkey shoot is a fantastic shooter first person ...

Free Shoot the barcode Game
Shoot the barcode

If you want to work in a fashion ...

Free Fire at Will Game
Fire at Will

Fire at will brings a new challenge to test our aim. This game FPS is based on all possible ...

Free Flash delta Game
Flash delta

Aim your sight and kill all the dolls you see by the way, the more you kill, the more points ...

Free Black cat trips Game
Black cat trips

Test your aim again with this fantastic shooter. ...

Free Wild West Quick Draw Game
Wild West Quick Draw

Travel to the far west to carry out this handling ...

Free Kwikshot Game

Practice your aim with this fantastic game where you have three types of test to be performed. ...

Free Shoot the melon Game
Shoot the melon

Do you have good aim? Then try this simple ...

Free Dirt dragon Game
Dirt dragon

Play this fun shooter where you must get it over with monsters ...

Free The tournament kill Game
The tournament kill

Hide yourself for cars and surprise attacks by bandits ...

Free Throwing cakes in their faces Game
Throwing cakes in their faces

The game involves throwing apple pie to all challengers. ...

Free Western Game

Travel to the Wild West with us and have fun with this great adventure. ...

Free The Atonement Game
The Atonement

Manage this man who hears voices in his head that tell you you should ...

Free Throwing grandparents Game
Throwing grandparents

This game is to test your aim as it is the classic ...

Free The haunted house of ghouls Game
The haunted house of ghouls

You are outside a house full of monsters ...

Free Alien Attack Game
Alien Attack

With this game you must defend your base in the planet ...

Free Bush royal rampage Game
Bush royal rampage

after its leadership in the government of the United ...

Free Icarly Game

helps spencer icarly brother to throw watermelons ...

Free Box Head 2 Game
Box Head 2

Shows how brave you are killing all the zombies ...

Free Shin Chan ass, ass Game
Shin Chan ass, ass

point and shoot, toy ninja stars at the back of our unforgettable ...

Free War turtle Game
War turtle

childish war game, played by a friendly turtle. ...

Free City war Game
City war

Today we offer you a fun game of war and weapons ...

Free The four shooters Game
The four shooters

you#39;ve been caught in an ambush, defend ...

Free Girl with slingshot Game
Girl with slingshot

the mission of this nice girl is to exploit ...

Free Castle Hero Game
Castle Hero

Defend your home of the primitives, they do not come in peace. ...

Free Hidden football Game
Hidden football

fun bow shooting game in the football stadium. aim your bow and click the soccer ...

Free African detroit cop, eddie murphy Game
African detroit cop, eddie murphy

our friend Eddie Murphy have hired to kill all the tyrants ...

Free Mischievous monkey Game
Mischievous monkey

fun game where you have to interact with a mischievous ...

Free Let the bullets fly 2 Game
Let the bullets fly 2

Play this interesting game of gunmen. you have to aim well to kill all the villains ...

Free Warzone getaway Game
Warzone getaway

Get your adrenaline with this great shooter. you have to defend ...

Free Bin laden Game
Bin laden

the united states army to find where Bin Laden is hiding. ...

Free Tomb raider, cold justice Game
Tomb raider, cold justice

Play this fun game based on the game Tomb Raider. ...

Free Warzone Getaway 2 Game
Warzone Getaway 2

play this funny action game. you have to protect ...

Free Fighting agent Game
Fighting agent

Play this fun action game based on the movie Rambo. ...

Free Marksmanship in the west Game
Marksmanship in the west

Fair approaches zero in the Old West and you have to practice ...

Free Balloons and targets Game
Balloons and targets

Play this fun game of shooting at targets moving ...

Free Demon City Game
Demon City

you are the evil demon and have in your possession ...

Free Halloween Game

lánzales squash all the ghosts of this mysterious ...

Free Zombies 2 Game
Zombies 2

you woke up and just see zombies throughout the city. you have to find a gun and kill all the zombies ...

Free Fish: zombies Game
Fish: zombies

The ocean fish infected with zombies and you have to stop it. all infected ...

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Shots and shots Games

How to play shots and shots free, no downloads
If you like guns, especially fire now you can learn to use and paste a few shots at everything that moves. Choose between different types of weapons to learn to use, you can use: pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles or machine guns.
You must start with the basics, ie know the parts of each weapon and its operation. Although many believe that knowing how to shoot no longer need to know anything else, you are wrong since it is necessary to know the limits and advantages of the weapons they wield. Another important part is where you make the shot as it is not the same as your shot in the leg impact unlike in the head. The headshots are lethal whereas if you shoot other body parts need to make more shots at the victim.
When shooting must be aware that according to the weapon's use will more or less deviation when shooting, whether produced by the recoil or by wind over long distances. The latter effect will affect us especially in sniper rifles. You can also modify your own weapons, adding components such as silencers, scopes and infrared laser pointers for greater accuracy.
Having said the above, you'll enjoy our numerous games and online shooting aimed shots to kill all your opponents. Games shooting, archery, shooting zombies and many more with which to train your aim. Get the most out your gun and do not let any of your opponents standing. The future of the nations of these games is in your hands!