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Free Unreal Tournament 3 Game
Unreal Tournament 3
Dive into the great Unreal 3 tournament in a passionate ...
Free Half life 2 Game
Half life 2
aim and shoot all the enemies that appear ...
Free Practice your aim Game
Practice your aim
in this game as the name suggests you have to practice ...
Free Shooting prisoners Game
Shooting prisoners
In the prison where you work as a security ...
Free Shin Chan ass, ass Game
Shin Chan ass, ass
point and shoot, toy ninja stars at the back of our unforgettable ...
Free Elevator of terror Game
Elevator of terror
work in a hospital and unknown causes have appeared ...
Free Bullet fury Game
Bullet fury
Great action game first person shooter where you are a soldier ...
Free Shooting thieves Game
Shooting thieves
in the old west is a lot of money stolen ...
For mobile
Free Shooting in the Wild West Game
Shooting in the Wild West
The savage criminals of the Wild West have entrenched ...
Unity 3D
Free Rooftop Snipers: Famous Duels Game
Rooftop Snipers: Famous Duels
In this game you must win duel battles, ...
Free Rising Storm Vietnam Game
Rising Storm Vietnam
Dive into another era in a first-person war video game where you have been assigned ...
Free African detroit cop, Eddie Murphy Game
African detroit cop, Eddie Murphy
our friend Eddie Murphy have hired to kill all the tyrants ...
Free Lead in criminal Game
Lead in criminal
The prisoners are escaping criminal and you should ...
Free First Person Shooter: Virtual Reality Game
First Person Shooter: Virtual Reality
Pretend you have a virtual reality glasses ...
Free Fixed point Game
Fixed point
If you think you have an enviable aim do not miss this fantastic ...
Free Shots on cupcakes Game
Shots on cupcakes
In this place of muffins strange things happen ...
Free Spaceman vs monster Game
Spaceman vs monster
This astronaut is leading a crusade against ...
Free The haunted house of ghouls Game
The haunted house of ghouls
You are outside a house full of monsters ...
Free Black cat trips Game
Black cat trips
Test your aim again with this fantastic shooter. ...
Free Shoot the melon Game
Shoot the melon
Do you have good aim? Then try this simple ...
Free 100 men Game
100 men
you have passed a war, you are the only man in your crew that is still standing, ...
Free Kwikshot Game
Practice your aim with this fantastic game where you have three types of test to be performed. ...
Free Spiderman saves Mary Jane Ver.2 Game
Spiderman saves Mary Jane Ver.2
Spidermans girlfriend has been kidnapped and taken to a secret ...
Free Trooper Assassin 2 Game
Trooper Assassin 2
Trooper Assasin is a magnificent game of first-person ...
Free Throwing grandparents Game
Throwing grandparents
This game is to test your aim as it is the classic ...
Free Break balloons in the air Game
Break balloons in the air
In this game your mission is to collect ...
Free Shoot monkeys in barrels Game
Shoot monkeys in barrels
Show your aim to these monkeys throwing balls that are hidden ...
Free Boom boom zombies Game
Boom boom zombies
The city has been overrun by zombies, barely ...
Free Popping balloons Game
Popping balloons
In this fun game you have to pop balloons ...
Free Shoot one on one Game
Shoot one on one
Play a war of guns in which you have to knock down all your opponents ...
Free Cowboy round Game
Cowboy round
Test your aim with this fantastic game set in the West. Become ...
Free Van Helsing the monster hunter Game
Van Helsing the monster hunter
Van Helsing the monster hunter has to face an army of skeletons ...
Free Shots on the battlefield Game
Shots on the battlefield
Manage this brave soldier in his mission to defend ...
Free The Atonement Game
The Atonement
Manage this man who hears voices in his head that tell you you should ...
For mobile
Free Lead and shots html5 Game
Lead and shots html5
Play from the phone or any device with internet ...
Free Defend the base Game
Defend the base
Today we bring another war game and first-person ...
Free Candy shoot Game
Candy shoot
Candy Shoot is an addictive game where you will see sweets ...

Test your aim with these shots and shooting games in which have to hit the target. Shots on target, shooting zombies, shooting with bows and lots of free shooting games online that you can enjoy.

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Shots and shots Games

How to play shots and shots free, no downloads
If you like guns, especially fire now you can learn to use and paste a few shots at everything that moves. Choose between different types of weapons to learn to use, you can use: pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles or machine guns.
You must start with the basics, ie know the parts of each weapon and its operation. Although many believe that knowing how to shoot no longer need to know anything else, you are wrong since it is necessary to know the limits and advantages of the weapons they wield. Another important part is where you make the shot as it is not the same as your shot in the leg impact unlike in the head. The headshots are lethal whereas if you shoot other body parts need to make more shots at the victim.
When shooting must be aware that according to the weapon's use will more or less deviation when shooting, whether produced by the recoil or by wind over long distances. The latter effect will affect us especially in sniper rifles. You can also modify your own weapons, adding components such as silencers, scopes and infrared laser pointers for greater accuracy.
Having said the above, you'll enjoy our numerous games and online shooting aimed shots to kill all your opponents. Games shooting, archery, shooting zombies and many more with which to train your aim. Get the most out your gun and do not let any of your opponents standing. The future of the nations of these games is in your hands!