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The best online games for your PC robots are here. Fighting robots, robots with guns, robots War robots fight against zombies and many other games that you can enjoy for free.
Free Duels of robots Game
Duels of robots

prepare your robot to compete in the big match in wrestling aren, where two robots face a fierce ...

Free Tnt robots Game
Tnt robots

mechanisms great game where you have to place bombs so that you eliminate ...

Free War robots Game
War robots

It`s a game of strategy and war where you have to send your robots ...

Free Robots vs zombies Game
Robots vs zombies

In this game you have to ingeniártela for the zombies ...

Free Hunting robots Game
Hunting robots

In this game you have to sharpen your aim with weapons ...

Free Robots fighting Game
Robots fighting

great androids fighting game where you have to walk for enemies ...

Free Robots on the platforms Game
Robots on the platforms

The objective of this game is simple ... delete ...

Free Extreme Fighting robots Game
Extreme Fighting robots

prepare for war, you#39;re a robot that must destroy ...

Free Robocop Game

fight against organized crime with our friend Robocop. ...

Free Robocop 2 Game
Robocop 2

Robocop has a new mission and you have to help if you want to get the win in this fantastic ...

Free Cyborg 2040 Game
Cyborg 2040

you are the inventor of the cyborg and now you have to put all kinds of tests. ...

Free Initial conflict Game
Initial conflict

Typical platform game where a soldier is not very nice destroying ...

Free Androids murderers Game
Androids murderers

Play this exciting shooter. You are in a spaceship ...

Free Battle of the Futurebots Game
Battle of the Futurebots

a championship is something different to others. ...

Free Captain Zorro: Last Hope Game
Captain Zorro: Last Hope

First person shooter where you must kill all your enemies ...

Free Megaman Zero Game
Megaman Zero

interacts in this platform game starring nothing more and nothing less than Megaman himself, where as always ...

Free Megaman x virus Game
Megaman x virus

megaman helps to fight the evil robots who want to destroy ...

Free Guerrillas Game

Life in 2160 is complicated to survive. we were besieged ...

Free Robot wars 2 Game
Robot wars 2

you#39;re a robot that has come to an unexplored ...

Free Mining robot Game
Mining robot

in this game you have to throw robots ...

Free Collector: New Order Game
Collector: New Order

monsters are removing humans and you control ...

Free Aircraft vs Robts Game
Aircraft vs Robts

in 2015 we went to war with a robot arrived ...

Free Humanoid: Police Game
Humanoid: Police

after thirty years of research a scientist returned ...

Free Mechanical Commando 2 Game
Mechanical Commando 2

You are living in a city consumed by chaos and debauchery. ...

Free Bionic Game

You suffered one accident in a laboratory and nearly ...

Free Rick space robot Game
Rick space robot

rick was created by the NSA rocket to travel ...

Free Elite Women Game
Elite Women

scientists have discovered a highly advanced ...

Free You recycling Game
You recycling

you are a robot and you#39;re in a garbage ...

Free Robot war strategy Game
Robot war strategy

fight with the enemy with violence and wins. when the base conquer ...

Free Robot boy 2 Game
Robot boy 2

flies through the vast ocean in search of the evil robot that has frightened ...

Free Robot slug Game
Robot slug

Robot Slug is quite similar to the classic ...

Free Rex robot Game
Rex robot

defend our planet from the terrifying androids ...

Free Robot War Game
Robot War

in future fights with humans make robots ...

Free Collector 2 Game
Collector 2

in the future a diabolical beasts are besieging ...

Free Astron Game

in the space based robots have taken over the center ...

Free Armed rabbits Game
Armed rabbits

In this game you control a rabbit well-armed ...

Free Killingmachine robot Game
Killingmachine robot

Planet Earth is under siege by unknown beings. but with a very advanced ...

Free Robot boy Game
Robot boy

The series so famous Robot Boy Cartoon Network ...

Free Super cyborg Game
Super cyborg

In this game you#39;re a super cyborg and your mission ...

Free Super Mole Game
Super Mole

Help this super-mole has found his bulldozer. mounted on the bulldozer ...

Free Dinosaur robot Game
Dinosaur robot

aliens are invading earth, but a scientist ...

Free Battle Mechs Game
Battle Mechs

You are in the era of machines. They turned ...

Free Rodriguez: Revenge Game
Rodriguez: Revenge

fascinating robot fighting game where a young man had an accident ...

Free Transformers robot Game
Transformers robot

you`re a transformers robot who has to rescue ...

Free Escape the garage Game
Escape the garage

you#39;re the only robot that come to life and now your mission ...

Free Roboxer 2 Game
Roboxer 2

Very addictive and entertaining boxing. You will fight against ...

Other Robots Games

Free Superman in action Game
Superman in action

Our beloved superhero must save all humans from the robots ...

Free Create a baymax of big hero 6 Game
Create a baymax of big hero 6

baymax is a bit shattered after a long and hard-fought ...

Free Robots Game

This robot is running out of power and you have to help take all the energy ...

Free Empire robots Game
Empire robots

commands the robot has to work in the vicinity ...

Free Shooting robots Game
Shooting robots

you have to protect your fortress of evil robots. ...

Free Big evil robots Game
Big evil robots

a giant robot is destroying the whole city and everyone ...

Free Alien vs robots Game
Alien vs robots

you are a young alien who must defend your planet ...

Free Angry robots Game
Angry robots

Play this fun game where you have to use all your skill to destroy ...

Free Barbie vs robots Game
Barbie vs robots

barbie wants to save us from the evil robots ...

Free Frenzies: fish robots Game
Frenzies: fish robots

You are a small fish who has to eat the smaller ...

Free Timmy turner, dueling robots Game
Timmy turner, dueling robots

play another exciting game where this time timmy turner ...

Free Baymax vs zombies Game
Baymax vs zombies

shooter where you have to help the robot has burst baymax ...

Free Blart em Game
Blart em

Kill all the characters come out on the screen ...

Free Warzone tower defense extended Game
Warzone tower defense extended

You have to defend your base. You have a money and a gun shop, that you can use during ...

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Robots Games

How to play robots free, no downloads
The robots were created by humanity to assist in various tasks, in the not too distant future we will use these beings of metal for many of our daily tasks. But be careful because an artificial intelligence can forget the three laws of robotics Asimov to achieve their goals.
If humans bother when we meet this goal will eliminate or at least try, be prepared to fight the robots for the survival of humanity. Join the human resistance, hiding in underground tunnels which were their cities before to end machines.
But unlike them, humans can act logically counteracting some enemy attacks in a unique way. Moreover, thanks to this quality we are able to inflict unexpected damage, because if we can break the brain that controls all machines have a chance. You can also use captured robotic units to fight and defeat their peers with their own weapons.
There are many adventures that you can perform with these robots that have been created with a specific purpose. Fighting robots that will face each other in battles with public and betting through; Robots with guns facing a concrete enemy to achieve victory; Adventures with the Transformers robots to save humanity from the dangers that lurk; Robots vs zombies struggles in which humans use this technology to get rid of a zombie apocalypse.
In short, a world of robots that have collected in this section so you do not miss any of our minigames this subject. You can now enjoy all the technology offered by these robots online and without any cost, as all our games are free. Enjoy your PC from around the world that has been created around the figure of robots and start enjoying all your adventures.