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Step into the shoes of mticos characters in the series, the Power Rangers! Become one of the most well known superheroes in recent decades, an authentic Power Ranger, uses magic or tecnologay connect as with the Morphin Grid or Network Metamorphoses. Even your enemies will also be able Morphing and complicate your mission to save earth !. Now podrs enfundarte as the mythical protective suit and helmet and debers to use all your strength, dexterity, endurance, or even podrs use some of their various special weapons to defeat the villains, whenever m s powerful.
This also be a good occasion to use the giant vehicles of assault, also known as zord. Since the villains employ giant monsters in order to end up with, you Rangers. Although not estars only in some podrs missions have other members of your team and be able Ranger combat group with Megazord and finish with villains plans of your enemies.



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