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Nobita is a Japanese child who is in school, it's a pretty clueless guy and always ends in trouble without realizing it. One day in your life Doraemon appears a cosmic cat sent by his future nephew Talahasi to help his grandfather unless such disaster in the future.
Then this guy and good friends Doraemon harn filing a friendship, as the cosmic cat is actually a robot and has a lot of inventions of tomorrow be used to help Nobita in your d aada. Although the poor child will not know to appreciate and often misused by them just estropendolo all, so just pidindole helps Doraemon for help.
Also have some friends like Suneo, Giant and Sisuka. Although Gigante Suneo and often Sern headache of l and who are angry or buscarn bother prove to be great friends when needed. Help Doraemon like this young clueless in his daada so you can be a useful man the day of tomorrow.