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Free Collect and dig 3 Game
Collect and dig 3
Grab coins, get in the mazes of this large underground ...
Free The miner Game
The miner
This mining you see in the photo has fallen ...
Free Throw gold Game
Throw gold
You#39;re a miner who found a gold nugget and your mission ...
Free Astronaut mining Game
Astronaut mining
You#39;ve reached a meteorite space and your mission ...
Free The Golden Game
The Golden
Play this fun game of finding gold. the head of this boy has fired from his job lumberjack ...
Free Miners in the galaxy Game
Miners in the galaxy
minerals found in the galaxy and you have to exploit ...
Free Gold mine Game
Gold mine
Help this lucky miner to collect all the gold found inside ...
Free Miners brothers Game
Miners brothers
these two brothers work together in the mine and its mission ...

+ Mines Games

Free Deadly race Game
Deadly race
fun racing game most deadly risk. interacts with the arrow keys to drive: ...
Free Truck mine 2 Game
Truck mine 2
all materials transported from the mine in your truck. ...
Free Phineas and Ferb in a submarine Game
Phineas and Ferb in a submarine
Play another crazy adventure with our dear brothers Phineas ...
Free Minecraft Minecaves Game
Minecraft Minecaves
In this game we have to collect all the gems and diamonds ...
Free Mining robot Game
Mining robot
in this game you have to throw robots ...
Free Indestructible Game
Again a racing game comes to our fans to enjoy the speed. ...
Free Ninja miner Game
Ninja miner
Play this fun maze game where you are a young ninja and your mission ...
Free Treasure Cave 2 Game
Treasure Cave 2
100 game levels, complicated but funny at the same time. get all the objects ...
Unity 3D
Free Happy Room Online Ver.2 Game
Happy Room Online Ver.2
The Happy Room game is already totally online ...
Free Gold mining Game
Gold mining
use the crane to extract the gold. you have to have a lot of skill to collect ...
Free Minecraft flash Game
Minecraft flash
Have a good time playing this fun game where you have to break minecraft ...
Free Mine escape Game
Mine escape
you#39;re trapped in an abandoned mine and you have to think how to get out of it in the shortest ...
Free Line runner 2 Game
Line runner 2
ineractua with this fictional character in a race to get safely ...
Free Visible Game
Visible is a fantastic adventure game you have to help your character ...
Free Miner wagon Game
Miner wagon
Dig deep into the mine and help our hero get all the gems that are scattered ...
Free Force attack in the desert Game
Force attack in the desert
You are responsible for driving this jeep with capacity ...
Free Miner smurf Game
Miner smurf
The evil Gargamel has locked this friendly Smurf in a mine and he has to find the exit to return ...
Free Caver gunner Game
Caver gunner
this is some caver arsonist, because just think of dynamite ...
Free Coins Game
In this sea he sank a ship full of gold coins and this guy wants them recover. ...
Free Miner Game
beam discovered large diamond mine and you must collect ...
Free Desert Rifle Ver.2 Game
Desert Rifle Ver.2
Desert Rifle youll become a soldier whose goal is to defend ...
Free Rifles in the desert Game
Rifles in the desert
Gorgeous first-person game where you play the role of a soldier ...
Free Super mario miner Game
Super mario miner
mythical mario bros game, you will many objects of gold, diamonds ...
Free Super Mario vs Angry Birds Game
Super Mario vs Angry Birds
start a new game against angry birds Mario where you have to sneak gold nuggets ...
Free Daffy Duck, in search of lost treasure Game
Daffy Duck, in search of lost treasure
Lucas helps nuesro friend collect all the gold beneath ...
Free Teen titans go ! cyborg Game
Teen titans go ! cyborg
action teen titans cyborg need help to build a new fort. interact ...
For mobile
Free Steve in the dangerous mine Game
Steve in the dangerous mine
Play this Minecraft game where you have to escape ...
Free Slugterra: The Secret of the dark mines Game
Slugterra: The Secret of the dark mines
BajoTerra play the game or as others called ...
Free Mine search Game
Mine search
here#39;s a novelty in the classics of 3 in a row, this time you play 5 in raya¡¡¡ ...
Free Minecraft: mine blocks 2 Game
Minecraft: mine blocks 2
play this fun pixelated game based adventure game minecraft. ...
Free Motorcycle racing in mine Game
Motorcycle racing in mine
You#39;re a miner working in a mine and now you have to go to work on your bike riding ...
Free Before the bull run: sanfermines Game
Before the bull run: sanfermines
It runs as an authentic Valencian through the streets ...

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Mining for obtaining resources is very hard work but it will compensate if what you get are precious metals. For gold, diamonds and many other things in these mines that we bring online.

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Mines Games

How to play mines free, no downloads
If the gold rush has touched you, you have to find your own mine and to adventure of being a miner. The work is hard, but if we are consistent and we have the necessary equipment can find a good vein of gold or valuable diamonds with to live the rest of our lives.
Learn the techniques of mining of the oldest miners, these experts will teach you everything you need to know from the basics. Learn to build your own facility, underpins the walls to prevent landslides, build ways to use fast transport trucks in which the rocks.
Then build a system similar to a roller coaster wagons to live an adventure every time you move around the mine or use dynamite to move faster. If you venture to hunt gold you can start your own dig and dig to the center of the earth, but beware as you can awaken a monster lurking in the darkness of your reef.
Take your pick and shovel up to the nearest mountain to find the humanity craved by precious metals. Is your time to get rich if only so online. Look out for all the gold and give a better life to your character!