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Free Kill rats Game
Kill rats
put all your cunning to kill these nasty rats. ...
Free Jailed Game
You need to stop the escape from prison ...
Free Massive ball Game
Massive ball
you must get the ball in the square, but beware ...
Free Separate balls Game
Separate balls
in this game there are balls in motion and you have to separate ...
Free Ball of ice and fire Game
Ball of ice and fire
In this game you have to collect these balls ...
Free Exterminator of rats Game
Exterminator of rats
very naughty rats are threatening an entire nation ...
Free Octopus: Where is my water? Game
Octopus: Where is my water?
the tide has brought an octopus on the edge of the beach ...
Free Puzzles: Logic Game
Puzzles: Logic
in this logic game you have to think about ...
Free Romance cubed Game
Romance cubed
an evil wizard has kidnapped your princess and now you have to rescue ...
Free Home sheep home Game
Home sheep home
in this game you have to sheep use your intelligence ...
Free Feed The Head: A logic game Game
Feed The Head: A logic game
In this game without logic you have to find out the steps ...
Free Prizma puzzle Game
Prizma puzzle
you have to carry current to its destination, but attentive ...
Free Home sheep home 2 Game
Home sheep home 2
it is time the sheep have to travel ...
Free Z infectect Game
Z infectect
i challenge you to complete all levels in this puzzle ...
Free Mysterious vessels Game
Mysterious vessels
In this game you have to think like water ...
Free We need water Game
We need water
In this game you have to think like driving ...
Free Connecting pipes: clones Game
Connecting pipes: clones
working in a laboratory and are trying to clone ...
Free Nuts and bolts Game
Nuts and bolts
the nut of the screw has been lost and now can not live without ...
Free Connecting pipes Game
Connecting pipes
pepe have given him for his eighth birthday a very nice fish but has a problem, ...
Free It is not for dummies Game
It is not for dummies
in this set of experiments you have to get the ball billiard ...
Free Cheese in the barn Game
Cheese in the barn
This little mouse is eager to lay hands ...
Free Pou, gelatin Game
Pou, gelatin
The famous doll mobile game Pou has a great ...
Free Hunting bee Game
Hunting bee
Are you smarter than a bee? Sure, in this game you have to catch ...
Free Connect drain pipes Game
Connect drain pipes
You#39;re the new plumber in this game and your mission ...
Free Impossible Game
a big rock goes towards the planet Earth and threatens ...
Free 2048 Game
Welcome to 2048, a game of the genre ...
Free Detective mummies Game
Detective mummies
In this game you#39;re a detective mummies has entered ...

+ Logic Games

Free Infiltrating the Airship Game
Infiltrating the Airship
You dare to challenge the challenges of Infiltrating ...
Free Poly Bridge: Bridge Construction Game
Poly Bridge: Bridge Construction
Poly Bridge will have to build different bridges ...
Free Shows in the shade Game
Shows in the shade
great puzzle game where you have to create ...
Free Repair diamonds Game
Repair diamonds
you#39;re one of the best diamonds in the world ...
Free Animals couple Game
Animals couple
minium in this game you have to ingeniártela for each pair of pet including ...
Free Coloring the city Game
Coloring the city
This painter helps cities to color ...
Free Where is my brain? Game
Where is my brain?
this guy is about to become a zombie, but you can stop it. You have to bathe ...
Free Portal 2 flash Game
Portal 2 flash
Play the new version of the flash site with new characters ...


Logic Games

How to play logic free, no downloads

Humans used in many situations the logic to solve problems or obtain a favorable solucinms in function of several factors. Although it may seem somewhat til the fact is that we use in muchsimos aspects of our daily lives and it is certainly a must.

Thanks to this ability we can solve a lot of problems quickly if you want to improve this ability now you can play different games that tendrs to solve a series of mysteries finding the solution. If you can reveal these mysteries podrs access secret areas and find ways to solve problems as you go.

Perhaps you consider that you can easily solve any problem, it is for that reason that you are able to measure your intellect ponindote skin of a detective authentic must solve a mystery that plagues the city. But be careful, because if you make the wrong decisions you can get hurt or something muchsimo worse.

Use logic to solve each of these online games to spend great moments of fun. Games for children and adults according to their level of difficulty are available free downloads.

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