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Enjoy the Lion King characters in these fantastic free online games on your PC. Simba manages on their adventures without downloading anything, just click and start playing in the savannah.
Free Lion King, Kiara and Kovu Game

representation of the scene of the Disney movie Lion King 2, when Kiara save Kovu from the jaws of hungry ...

Free Puzzle; the Lion King Game
Puzzle; the Lion King

The protagonists of the Lion King, Simba and his father, ...

Free King lion puzzle Game
King lion puzzle

have a good time playing this fun game Lion King where you have to place the pieces ...

Free Guard Lion King Game
Guard Lion King

Live the adventure with Kion Lion King, the guardian ...

Free Zuma: The Lion King Game
Zuma: The Lion King

Play classic zuma game with friends Timon and Pumbaa. ...

Free Coloring: Lion King Game
Coloring: Lion King

In this game you can color the lion king with his friends ...

Free Timon and Pumba jumping Game
Timon and Pumba jumping

plays with the cute characters from Disney Lion King, Timon and Pumba. ...

Other Lion king Games

Free Doraemon vs. King Kong Game
Doraemon vs. King Kong

lobita travels back in time and gorillas have kidnapped ...

Free I am the tyrannosaurus rex Game
I am the tyrannosaurus rex

play the second part of the game ny rex. rex you and i have you moved to the u. s. and have to escape ...

Free The King of Fighters Game
The King of Fighters

Again we offer an exciting fighting game with a mix of characters ...

Free Ninja turtles king street Game
Ninja turtles king street

avanza levels fighting enemies ...

Free Kung fu panda vs skeleton king Game
Kung fu panda vs skeleton king

He lives an exciting panda kung fu fighting against ...

Free Spyro Game

Sure many know the famous dragon Spyro, protagonist ...

Free Six difgerencias looking lion king Game
Six difgerencias looking lion king

Pumba want to play with him to find the six differences ...

Free Lion bike Game
Lion bike

This lion is passionate about the bike stunts and in this game you have to interact ...

Free The rise of a king Game
The rise of a king

it all began when rebels began castles has rob merchants, all the villagers are terrified because ...

Free Pizza king 2 Game
Pizza king 2

put on your apron and serves pizza restaurant ...

Free King of power Game
King of power

Enjoy a fantastic races but this time, your vehicle ...

Free King of the Island 2 Game
King of the Island 2

you have to conquer a vast world full of enemies. ...

Free Dinosaur king Game
Dinosaur king

Dino king is an adventure in which you have to drive to this little ...

Free King Shaving Game
King Shaving

In this game you have to put this very handsome ...

Free The enraged king Game
The enraged king

you are the king of this realm and you have to rescue ...

Free King of fighting Game
King of fighting

King of the fight is a fighting game where you have to face all opponents ...

Free King Arthur Game
King Arthur

the small King Arthur has to meet the magician ...

Free Burger King Game
Burger King

Lets cook hamburgers Queen with this fun cooking ...

Free King Kong Game
King Kong

Right now you can make King Kong in this action ...

Free King of the hill Game
King of the hill

King of the hill is a strategy game where you have to get defend ...

For mobile
Free Marceline vs King Ice Game
Marceline vs King Ice

Marceline has to accompany our friends Time Adventures ...

Free Sniper King Game
Sniper King

you are an experienced sniper rifles shooting ...

Free Dinosaur king 2 Game
Dinosaur king 2

Here the second part of the game Dino Rey, in which this cute dinosaur ...

Free King of fighter 2015 Game
King of fighter 2015

king of fighter 2015 comes for you to enjoy playing. ...

Free Barbecue King: Mischief Game
Barbecue King: Mischief

Become the king of barbecue playing pranks ...

Free Gorillart- king kong Game
Gorillart- king kong

Animation King Kong on top of this tower as emblematic ...

Free Bathe the king baby Game
Bathe the king baby

king has left you in charge of her first child and now you have to take care with love for the baby does not get to mourn. ...

Free Five Nights at Burger King Game
Five Nights at Burger King

The story of Five Nights at Freddy is repeated ...

Free King Kong movie Game
King Kong movie

Once again we bring you a funny animation ...

Free King Kong rescues Game
King Kong rescues

The gorilla King Kong is kidnapped by a very evil and now you have to play this game to rescue ...

Free King of Fighters Bull Game
King of Fighters Bull

Would you dare to jump an enraged bull ?. in this game you are in the middle ...

Free King of fighters in the Hunger Games Game
King of fighters in the Hunger Games

Do you dare to play the Hunger Games version ...

Free Cross fire sniper king 2 Game
Cross fire sniper king 2

Play this addictive shooting game where you have to use a sniper ...

Free King sniper: the hostage crisis Game
King sniper: the hostage crisis

this shooter you have to aim well because you can only kill the terrorists, ...

Free Street Fighter vs. King of Fighters memory Game
Street Fighter vs. King of Fighters memory

wake up your mind with this card game. you must find the pair of each letter ...

Free Madagascar 2 Game
Madagascar 2

plays with the sympathetic characters drawings dreamworks ...

Free Gizmo at Christmas Game
Gizmo at Christmas

gizmo has to help Santa has to collect all the gifts of the screen ...

Free Kings Island 2 Game
Kings Island 2

for being a bad person you were sent to hell to cleanse ...

Free Care for circus lions Game
Care for circus lions

To be breeder lions in a circus takes great courage ...

Free Red Dragon Game
Red Dragon

Sign in to manage the Red Dragon in this adventure ...

Free Find the eight differences Game
Find the eight differences

Play this fun game of finding equalities. you have to find the eight differences ...

Free Feed a dinosaur Game
Feed a dinosaur

this dinosaur is very hungry because his mother ...

Free Obama chess Game
Obama chess

Obama chess is a fun game where you have to carry out a classic ...

Free Prom princess dress up Game
Prom princess dress up

This girl knows who has won the crown princess ...

Free Dinosaur differences Game
Dinosaur differences

in this game you have to find five differences ...

Free Dinosaur runs Game
Dinosaur runs

This dinosaur has to escape the flames of the volcano ...

Free Lucky Tower 2 Game
Lucky Tower 2

In this game you are a gentleman of the king#39;s ...

Free Care for the animals at the zoo Game
Care for the animals at the zoo

a good time taking care of the most exotic ...

Free Football in the jungle Game
Football in the jungle

Everyone likes football and this game proves as we have some very special ...

Free Caverman Game

With this game you will get into the skin of a caveman ...

Free Big head Game
Big head

Manage this big dinosaur on its way to the destruction ...

Free Lord of War 2 Game
Lord of War 2

Play it full screen! to work. It is a game where you have to resist ...

Free Warp Forest Game
Warp Forest

You are lost in a jungle and to find the exit must collect ...

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Lion king Games

How to play lion king free, no downloads
One of the great successes of Disney's animated film The Lion King. This tells the story of a small lion named Simba, son of King Mufasa. In this realm different kinds of animals coexist in peace and enforcing the cycle of life. Simba should be learning everything you need to one day become the successor of his father, oblivious to the plans of his evil uncle Scar who plans to usurp the throne with the help of three hyenas. They cause a stampede in which Mufasa lose life, but not before saving his son Simba. Scar plan had failed because they should have killed the two to meet him as king, but convinces Simba that his father died because of him and makes flee. Once the two outside King Scar land proclaims and declares that the hyenas and lions should live in peace.
Simba on his journey meets a very different couple, Timon and Pumbaa a meerkat and warthog that would help him survive in these lands. Will teach the philosophy of Hakuna Matta, carefree living. Simba grows alongside these two characters to become an adult lion. One day, accidentally encounter an old childhood friend, the lioness Nala. A series of events led him back to his home and to demand their place in the cycle of life, as king of the land of his father. his uncle and his army of hyenas He will face until save the kingdom.
This film became very popular and is one of the great Disney classics. Then a second part under the title "Treasure of Simba The Lion King 2" pulled. Here the adventures of Simba and Nala's daughter, a small rebel lioness named Kiara is told. Simba's enemies now are lions too, who supported his uncle Scar in his usurpation of the throne and who have been banished from the kingdom. A new adventure of the characters of the Lion King in which they must once again save the kingdom from the threat of Simba chasing them.
This film follows the Lion King 3, which is nothing more than the story told from the point of view of Timon and Pumbaa, know its history from the beginning, as they met and how they lived the adventure of Simba in his first film . This title teaches us new anecdotes we could not see in the first film, a different way to enjoy the Lion King.
This series of films a lot of merchandising, television series and, of course, video games was created. The Lion King world also comes to the online minigames and here to enjoy many of the characters. You can play with the protagonists of the films as Simba, Timon, Pumbaa and the second installment, Kiara and Kovu. Conducts the adventures of these characters or choose something more relaxed like form puzzles or drawing animals. Everything about the Lion King theme you can find in this section, so you will not miss anything of what we have or what is to come. Start your adventure in the bush with the craziest characters from The Lion King.