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Free Potty Racers Game
Potty Racers
Potty Racers is a fun video game where ...
Free Angry great toss stuntfest Game
Angry great toss stuntfest
The grandmother running in Cairo has been arrested ...
Free Burrito Bison launches Game
Burrito Bison launches
Burrito Bison have stolen the purse ...
Free Hit with guitar Game
Hit with guitar
hits with all your strength to this guy with the guitar ...
Free Launcher rag dolls Game
Launcher rag dolls
use the pitcher to throw as far as possible ...
Free Throw a zombie to Mars Game
Throw a zombie to Mars
This zombie mistakenly landed on our planet ...
Free Catapult bulls Game
Catapult bulls
In this game you have to throw the bull and break ...
Free Water rocket Game
Water rocket
enjoy this game mood based on a throw of water. ...
Free Shoot arrows of hearts Game
Shoot arrows of hearts
Come to shoot arrows of hearts with this girl as if it were javelins. ...
Free Taking the boss Game
Taking the boss
your boss is very angry with you and your partner ...
Free Madburger 3 Game
Madburger 3
the neighboring county sheriff has ordered ...

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Free Sparkle 2 Game
Sparkle 2
Sparkle is a fun version of the classic ...
Free Kill the famous Game
Kill the famous
In this game you have to kill the famous ...
Free Angry robots Game
Angry robots
Play this fun game where you have to use all your skill ...
Free Homerun rally Game
Homerun rally
Homerun Rally is a very simple yet very addictive ...
For mobile
Free Snowball Fast Game
Snowball Fast
Christmas is just around the corner and we want to celebrate ...
For mobile
Free Color Pin Game
Color Pin
Color Pin is an addictive game that you can enjoy ...
Free Professional baseball Game
Professional baseball
we give you the opportunity to play a real professional ...
For mobile
Free Basketball Online Game
Basketball Online
Play online basketball and you will face many players ...
For mobile
Free Penalties Online Football Game
Penalties Online Football
Great football game where you have to throw ...
Free Spyro Game
Sure many know the famous dragon Spyro, protagonist ...
Free Throwing grandparents Game
Throwing grandparents
This game is to test your aim as it is the classic ...
For mobile
Free Olympics: javelin throw Game
Olympics: javelin throw
Lanza as far as possible the javelin you hold in your hands ...
Free Killing rats Game
Killing rats
In this game you have to kill all the rats come out of hiding. ...
Free Elephant operation Game
Elephant operation
In this game you have to fly on an airplane ...
Free Housework Game
Help your partner has to perform tasks such as ordering ...
Free Slingshot and loggers Game
Slingshot and loggers
loggers want to destroy nature and your mission ...
Free Throws the suitcase! Game
Throws the suitcase!
It is a fun game where you have to throw ...
Free Free kicks Game
Free kicks
very good game to practice to shoot free throws. ...
Free SpongeBob launches mechanical anchovy Game
SpongeBob launches mechanical anchovy
background bikini is the day of launch anchovy ...
Free Javelin Game
are in the Olympics and you're about to throw ...
Free Trollface launch Game
Trollface launch
Throw Trollface as far as possible and bust all the memes ...
For mobile
Free Zombie launcher winter season Game
Zombie launcher winter season
Throw zombies to recover Halloween ...
Free Black cat trips Game
Black cat trips
Test your aim again with this fantastic shooter. ...
Free Gru, throw me to the moon Game
Gru, throw me to the moon
Gru villain's henchmen arrive in a new mini-game ...
Free Goblets Game
the game is to throw all the cups with a kind of slingshot ...
Free Zombie Terminater Game
Zombie Terminater
If you like zombies burst you can now do from this game. ...
Free Pumps for zombies Game
Pumps for zombies
are you ready to drop bombs to zombies. ...
Free SPanthera Game
SPanthera is a rule of lions fighters who want to defeat ...
Free Money kickers Game
Money kickers
It helps these thieves steal ...


Launch Games

How to play launch free, no downloads

The aim and strength are everything when it comes to throwing an object towards your goal, especially if you're player of a sport in which you have to use a ball, ball or ball. For example in baseball pitcher you should be able to visualize the target and send the ball hurtling toward him, as if he can send it fast enough batter will not get it back.

In other cases like in football the goal is to cross the ball to the other end of the field avoiding rivals along the way, that is why the pillar of the team is the quarterback who must make a powerful pass to one of his companions untagged. These passes run through dozens of meters to the partner, it is essential that both the path and the force with which it launches is just to get to where the other player is.

While in basketball all this changes, since the objective is to pass the ball through a hoop in the basket. So often you need more accuracy than strength. In football we have to throw faults or throw penalty since those are the two direct shots of the sport.

But not all of our games will launch in reference to sport as there will be others that will launch people, creatures, animals (penguins, cows, etc.) and other objects like arrows or colored balls. This is the case of our games launch zombies into space, throwing rag dolls, throw your head when you have had enough, throw Pokéballs with the success of Pokémon Go and many more examples you can enjoy here in Fandejuegos. Do not wait and put to work your aim with these great mini-games!

Sharpen your aim and get ready to throw all kinds of objects and characters. You will shoot arrows, balls and balls, space zombies, bombs and much more. Meets the objectives of each game and grab the victory.

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