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The king ape King Kong is certainly a giant gorilla living on Skull Island and who does not like visitors. But everything changes when one day a human expedition reaches the island in search of the mysterious ape who odo incredible stories, your goal is to hunt and display it in the city to earn money.
But this be not be easy to catch because it is huge and a conventional trap not work with him. That is why the team of seasoned adventurers and a beautiful lady, which become weak ape.
After trying various attacks and traps no effect, decided to lay a great ambush using the Seorita as bait. While King Kong is entertaining with her, the rest will attack and sleep to capture him alive. The harsh reality hits this when viewed on a ship en route to New York to be exposed as an animal in a zoo, which nobody had it with the strength of such a huge being that is able to escape from confinement and ride The Ms tall building in the city with its slopes Rehna.



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