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The biggest gorilla needs you to know that King Kong could find his beloved and bring down the military army that keeps you from reaching your goal.
King Kong

Right now you can make King Kong in this action ...

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Gorillart- king kong

Animation King Kong on top of this tower as emblematic ...

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King Kong movie

Once again we bring you a funny animation ...

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Doraemon vs. King Kong

lobita travels back in time and gorillas have kidnapped ...

Play now Doraemon vs. King Kong


Donkey Kong ATV

The mission of this game is to interact with Donkey ...

Play now Donkey Kong ATV


Hong Kong Phooey

animation directed to#39;m classic ...

Play now Hong Kong Phooey

Donkey kong motorcycle

interacts with Donkey Kong riding his new bike where you have to find his friend ...

Play now Donkey kong motorcycle


Donkey Kong Kart

playing the new game Donkey Kong Kart. select the desired ...

Play now Donkey Kong Kart


Donkey Kong: 3d racing

Play this fun game of donkey kong where a motorcycle ...

Play now Donkey Kong: 3d racing

Makeover: hong kong

Make up this girl hong kong for an appointment ...

Play now Makeover: hong kong

Donkey kong drive

donkey kong helps to drive his new car for the junagla ...

Play now Donkey kong drive


Mario vs donkey kong

Donkey Kong has kidnapped the princess and now Mario has to rescue ...

Play now Mario vs donkey kong


Donkey Kong Remix 2

Play classic game mario vs donkey kong in a new, improved ...

Play now Donkey Kong Remix 2


Donkey Kong Tetris

play the classic Tetris game based on the game of donkey ...

Play now Donkey Kong Tetris

Donkey kong, walks through the jungle

Play this fun game of Donkey Kong in the jungle ...

Play now Donkey kong, walks through the jungle

Donkey Kong: hidden stars

have a good time playing this fun game of finding ...

Play now Donkey Kong: hidden stars


King of power

Become the king of the water and drive your boat and win all your opponents ...

Play now King of power


King of the hill

King of the hill is a strategy game where you have to get defend ...

Play now King of the hill

Dinosaur king

Dino king is an adventure in which you have to drive to this little ...

Play now Dinosaur king


Dinosaur king 2

Here the second part of the game Dino Rey, in which this cute dinosaur ...

Play now Dinosaur king 2

The King of Fighters

Again we offer an exciting fighting game with a mix of characters ...

Play now The King of Fighters


King Arthur

the small King Arthur has to meet the magician ...

Play now King Arthur

King of the Island 2

you have to conquer a vast world full of enemies. ...

Play now King of the Island 2

King of fighting

King of the fight is a fighting game where you have to face all opponents ...

Play now King of fighting


King Shaving

In this game you have to put this very handsome ...

Play now King Shaving


Sniper King

you are an experienced sniper rifles shooting ...

Play now Sniper King

The enraged king

you are the king of this realm and you have to rescue ...

Play now The enraged king

The rise of a king

it all began when rebels began castles has rob merchants, ...

Play now The rise of a king

Pizza king 2

put on your apron and serves pizza restaurant ...

Play now Pizza king 2

Puzzle; the Lion King

The protagonists of the Lion King, Simba and his father, ...

Play now Puzzle; the Lion King


Six difgerencias looking lion king

Pumba want to play with him to find the six differences ...

Play now Six difgerencias looking lion king

Zuma: The Lion King

Play classic zuma game with friends Timon and Pumbaa. ...

Play now Zuma: The Lion King

Coloring: Lion King

In this game you can color the lion king with his friends ...

Play now Coloring: Lion King

King lion puzzle

have a good time playing this fun game Lion King where you have to place the pieces ...

Play now King lion puzzle


King of Fighters Bull

Would you dare to jump an enraged bull ?. in this game you are in the middle ...

Play now King of Fighters Bull


Bathe the king baby

king has left you in charge of her first child and now you have to take care with love for the baby does not get to mourn. ...

Play now Bathe the king baby

King of fighter 2015

king of fighter 2015 comes for you to enjoy playing. ...

Play now King of fighter 2015


Lion King, Kiara and Kovu

representation of the scene of the Disney movie Lion King 2, when Kiara save Kovu from the jaws of hungry ...

Play now Lion King, Kiara and Kovu


Kung fu panda vs skeleton king

He lives an exciting panda kung fu fighting against ...

Play now Kung fu panda vs skeleton king


King sniper: the hostage crisis

this shooter you have to aim well because you can only kill the terrorists, ...

Play now King sniper: the hostage crisis

Cross fire sniper king 2

Play this addictive shooting game where you have to use a sniper ...

Play now Cross fire sniper king 2


Ninja turtles king street

avanza levels fighting enemies ...

Play now Ninja turtles king street


King of fighters in the Hunger Games

Do you dare to play the Hunger Games version ...

Play now King of fighters in the Hunger Games

Street Fighter vs. King of Fighters memory

wake up your mind with this card game. you must find the pair of each letter ...

Play now Street Fighter vs. King of Fighters memory



With this game you will get into the skin of a caveman ...

Play now Caverman


Dino babies

These dinosaurs have just come into the world and need a parent ...

Play now Dino babies

Big head

become a gigantic dinosaur and destroy ...

Play now Big head


Hunga Dinosaurs

Here is a new game of skill and dexterity ...

Play now Hunga Dinosaurs

Warp Forest

you find yourself lost in the jungle surrounded by dinosaurs ...

Play now Warp Forest

Red Dragon

the powerful protector of heaven is invaded ...

Play now Red Dragon

Obama chess

Obama chess is a fun game where you have to carry out a classic ...

Play now Obama chess

Timon runs

Simba to help you look gotten into this mess helm, run as you can and go dodging ...

Play now Timon runs


Prom princess dress up

create your own character to make a princess. choose ...

Play now Prom princess dress up

Timon and Pumba jumping

plays with the cute characters from Disney Lion King, Timon and Pumba. ...

Play now Timon and Pumba jumping


Ultimate chess

play this game of chess where every time you kill or get killed ...

Play now Ultimate chess


Lord of War 2

Play it full screen! to work. It is a game where you have to resist ...

Play now Lord of War 2

Kings Island 2

for being a bad person you were sent to hell to cleanse ...

Play now Kings Island 2

Find the eight differences

Play this fun game of finding equalities. you have to find the eight differences ...

Play now Find the eight differences

Mario to the rescue

Mario has to rescue his princess. you have to dodge the barrels ...

Play now Mario to the rescue


Dino adventures

these friendly dinonosaurios have to escape from this island ...

Play now Dino adventures

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King kong Games

How to play king kong free, no downloads
The king ape King Kong is certainly a giant gorilla that lives on Skull Island and who does not like visitors. But everything changes when one day a human expedition reached the island in search of this mysterious ape who have heard amazing stories, their goal is to hunt and display it in the city to make money.
But this will not be easy to catch because it is huge and a conventional trap will not work with him. That is why the team of seasoned adventurers and a beautiful lady, which will be the weakness of the ape.
After trying various attacks and traps no effect, they decided to lay a great Miss ambush using as bait. While King Kong is entertained with it, the rest will attack and capture him alive to sleep. The harsh reality hits this when viewed on a boat going to New York to be exposed as an animal in a zoo, which nobody had is with the strength of such a huge being that is able to escape from confinement and ride the tallest building in the city with their hostage in tow.
Play free with this giant gorilla on our website or enjoying the fantastic animations which is the protagonist. You can go an entire city destroying everything in its path there, releasing the anger of this great gorilla. If you like games ape King Kong and also feel free to stop by our category of Donkey Kong, Nintendo's famous primate. Enjoy all the benefits of being a big gorilla like King Kong and the fun begins!