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Sometimes the only way to survive is to kill, to achieve this must become a killing machine capable of anything. Above all you must be a ruthless murderer if your own country has betrayed you and seeks to kill you, but thanks to your training as a secret agent can try to get out of that situation.
Your objective is simple, find those responsible for incriminating and order your death. Once you find them you must gather the evidence to prove your innocence and you besides revenge once and for all.
But not at all easy because struggles against one of the best prepared for war world governments. Which do not hesitate to send their best men to kill you, so tendrs to use every weapon you find and your wits to finish them as you move toward your goal.
Along the way you enfrentarsa ​​old companions in arms, so I will not be easy having to decide whether you must kill an old friend or let him live.