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Free Mafia in the jungle Game
Mafia in the jungle
Mafia is behind illegal logging ...
Free Albarn Game
Play this fun game based on a child, who goes on tour and lost in the forest ...
Free Lost in the jungle Game
Lost in the jungle
help this shipwreck has come to a safe place ...
Free Jeep in the jungle Game
Jeep in the jungle
In this game you have to catch all the stars ...
Free Camouflage jeep Game
Camouflage jeep
In this game you have to drive high-end neighborhoods ...
Free Monster truck jungle Game
Monster truck jungle
riding the monster and start the engine ...
Free Jungle war driving Game
Jungle war driving
To fight in this war in the jungle ...
Free Playing music in the jungle Game
Playing music in the jungle
in this game you will have the chance to play varied ...

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Free The Jungle Book: Mowgli against snake Game
The Jungle Book: Mowgli against snake
In this minigame Jungle Book have to face the snake ...
Free Coloring The Jungle Book Game
Coloring The Jungle Book
Welcome to coloring game The Jungle Book with the colors ...
Free The Jungle Book: Beware of Shere Khan Game
The Jungle Book: Beware of Shere Khan
Mowgli is the protagonist of the film The Jungle ...
Free Mowgli vs Shere Khan Game
Mowgli vs Shere Khan
Confront the evil bengal tiger in a boxing ...
Free Mowgli Game
Mowglis have to train your boomerang to survive ...
Free Pinball in the jungle Game
Pinball in the jungle
Play classic pinball game based in the jungle. ...
Free Tarzan chopper motorcycle Game
Tarzan chopper motorcycle
Tarzan does not want to waste their energy ...
Free Tarzan bike Game
Tarzan bike
plot has to go through the jungle and to make it faster ...
Free Nerve squirrel Game
Nerve squirrel
in this forest it is a very nervous squirrel ...
Free Pikachu saves his friends Game
Pikachu saves his friends
Pikachu's friends have been kidnapped by gorillas ...
Free Power pinball Game
Power pinball
Play this fun game of pinball in the jungle. ...
Free Monkey wizard Game
Monkey wizard
manejad this monkey can become a magician ...
Free Jeep: Find the cursed treasure Game
Jeep: Find the cursed treasure
You are a search for treasure and you#39;ve bought ...
Free Macho man Game
Macho man
great platform adventure game where ...
Free Quick picks Gomba Nut Game
Quick picks Gomba Nut
fun platform game based on a squirrel named ...
Free Doraemon vs King Kong Game
Doraemon vs King Kong
Nobita has traveled to the past and some gorillas ...
Free Elephant trainers Game
Elephant trainers
Today we bring you a fun game in which ...
Free Elite Soldier: Jungle Game
Elite Soldier: Jungle
You have a dangerous mission in the deep jungle. ...
Free Monkey in the jungle Game
Monkey in the jungle
this nice momo you see in the picture wants ...
Free Dora the Explorer: kill bugs in the jungle Game
Dora the Explorer: kill bugs in the jungle
strange bugs are dwelling in the jungle and our friend ...
Free Ben 10: indiana jone Game
Ben 10: indiana jone
Ben 10 has a new mission and through the jungle ...
Free Adventures Kangaroo Galan Game
Adventures Kangaroo Galan
this cute kangaroo has to fight the tyrants of the forest ...
Free Running with the ThunderBirds Game
Running with the ThunderBirds
After receiving a distress call the astronaut's ...
Free Mercenaries Game
three men with a purpose, to rescue the daughter ...
Free Dora the Explorer caring for a crocodile Game
Dora the Explorer caring for a crocodile
Children's friend, Dora the Explorer has made a new journey ...
Free Jungle Dave Game
Jungle Dave
style platform game very addictive mario ...
Free Donkey Kong ATV Game
Donkey Kong ATV
The mission of this game is to interact with Donkey ...


Jungles Games

How to play jungles free, no downloads

Jungles are very dangerous, a place to be careful as it deadliest animals and insects on the planet are. If you miss one of these places, survive it must be the hardest thing to what you've ever faced.

The worst enemy you can find are the poisonous insects, can not camp at ground level as these walking ease and a single bite could be fatal. Also keep in mind snakes are one of the most lethal and silent animals that can be found in these places. Some of them are really poisonous, can cripple your body with a single bite in seconds to eat you then.

Although perhaps the greatest danger are the Panthers, this feline cunning inhabits areas of greater difficulty of access. Thanks to its agility and view, it's a perfect night hunter can kill any prey with a surprise attack. Demonstrate your ability to survive in this hostile environment where you depend on yourself.

Accompany the familiar characters of animated series and films such as Tarzan, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go! and many others. Use the lianas and platforms to move from one place to another and achieve the objects that will be helpful and that allow you to finish each level. Other characters in the world of video games also dare to dive into an island adventure such as Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. Runs through the jungle on wheels or on foot thrilling races, decorate your own jungle and much more. Travel through the jungles and forests most famous in the world in these fun games that also are free. Become a whole adventurer and explore every corner of the jungle!

Delve into the jungle either on foot or on wheels to overcome all levels of these games. You can accompany such familiar characters like Tarzan, George of the Jungle, Diego and Dora the Explorer and many more.

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