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Free Parking helicopters Game
Parking helicopters
helicopter in this game you have to park the helicopter ...
Free Super Mario helicopter Game
Super Mario helicopter
Play this fun game of mario mounted in a helicopter. ...
Free Firefighter helicopter Game
Firefighter helicopter
The city is on fire and you can stop it from further ...
Free Helicopter assault Game
Helicopter assault
there is a terrorist threat, and I have sent for failure ...
Free Overkill Apache 2 Game
Overkill Apache 2
You are in an air war where thousands ...
Free Power copter Game
Power copter
You drive a helicopter so you get the survival ...
Free Helicopter war in the desert Game
Helicopter war in the desert
helicopter game where you are in the desert and all you find are enemies. ...
Free Helicrane Game
everyone needs your help to you to release ...
Free Spongebob Helicopter Game
Spongebob Helicopter
SpongeBob has a new mission: kill the evil planton ...
Free Bear Helicopter Game
Bear Helicopter
This bears helps to control the helicopter ...
Free Candy copter Game
Candy copter
Funny game where you must drive a helicopter ...
Free Helicopter War Game
Helicopter War
Pilot a helicopter war to burst the armored ...
Free Helicopter Rescue 2 Game
Helicopter Rescue 2
New York has produced a series of bombings and all the survivors ...
Free Helicopters vs convoy Game
Helicopters vs convoy
helicopter pilots this war to stop the convoy ...
Free Army helicopter Game
Army helicopter
mounted on the helicopter you see in the picture ...
Free Helicopter Game
are in one of the largest military bases risk of attack, ...
Free Attack helicopter Game
Attack helicopter
Attack helicopter is a fantastic game where ...
Free Alpha Force Game
Alpha Force
classic game of planes. You have to go knocking ...
Free Defend the island Game
Defend the island
In this game you have to pilot a combat ...
Free Transcopter Game
transcopter is a game where you have to carry ...
Free Candy helicopter Game
Candy helicopter
children playing with this helicopter in a game where ...
Free Create runway Game
Create runway
In this game you have to create a runway ...
Free Helicopter War 2 Game
Helicopter War 2
You are one of the best helicopter pilot ...
Free Rescues in the North Sea Game
Rescues in the North Sea
Mei mei dei dei have a problem, the ship is sinking! ...
Free Chopper chase Game
Chopper chase
Chopper Chase is a simple but addictive ...
Free Helicopter rescue Game
Helicopter rescue
You need to undertake this new battle aboard ...

+ Helicopters Games

Free Aircraft: mission in Iraq Game
Aircraft: mission in Iraq
Play this exciting game of war planes where you have to kill all the Iraqi ...
Free Helicopters: Coast Guard Game
Helicopters: Coast Guard
you are a helicopter pilot and your job is to rescue ...
Free Lego: Rescue Helicopter Game
Lego: Rescue Helicopter
have a good time playing this fun mini game where ...
Unity 3D
Free Syrian war helicopter Game
Syrian war helicopter
Pilota this helicopter war you see in the pictures ...
Free Crazy battle Game
Crazy battle
play this game of war where you have to fly a helicopter ...
Free Desert war Game
Desert war
awesome game where you are in the middle of a desert ...
Free Boeing 747 parking Game
Boeing 747 parking
you`ve landed the boeing 747 and it`s time to park at the airport. ...
Free Stealing the bride Game
Stealing the bride
you#39;re in the park and see your boyfriend kissing ...
Free Hurricane irene Game
Hurricane irene
a tragedy is about to hurricane irene ...


Helicopters Games

How to play helicopters free, no downloads

When flying humans have developed different methods to lack of wings, one is the helicopter. A device that thanks to a large helix at the top and one at the tail, lets you keep in the air in a fixed position or move towards wanting the pilot.

These vehicles are used in a variety of tasks, from commercial flights where the views are breathtaking up in the fighting in a distant war. If you like excitement you can now become a fighter pilot, where tendrs to help soldiers who are on earth to go through a hostile city.

But it is not easy since each roof or balcony can hide an enemy, why should it be attentive to dodge an RPG anytime you shoot the enemy. In addition your work also include bringing soldiers to pick incursino points in the shootout at the point of extraction to end its mission in enemy territory.

Play with helicopters pc prepared for war and loaded with the best ammunition you can fight a war without end. You can also fly rescue helicopters to recatar people in extreme situations.

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