How to play gormitis free, no downloads

The lords of nature are back! Pick your favorite and enfrntate Gormiti your opponents to save the island of Gorm and all its inhabitants. But in this fight to save Gormiti ests not only, also encontrarsa Toby, Nick, Lucas and Jessica, the Lords of Nature, led from the kitchen of his home travs a hidden from the Temple of Elements passage. Podrs choose and become either, asque Become the Lord of Sea and controls the element of water, the Lord of the earth to have the strength of a rock, the Lord the forest with the trees and plants and Seora Air that is able to fly and control the winds in their favor, together these four Lords of Nature are almost invincible controlled. Asque cautiously choose your favorite hero, as each element has advantages and disadvantages and before choosing debers to choose with patience and determination, now leads the salvation of the island of Gorm !