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Free Ghostbusters Ver.2 Game
Ghostbusters Ver.2
adventure platform game where you have to hunt the ghosts ...
Free Ghostbusters 3 Game
Ghostbusters 3
Ghost Hunters are available to entangle ...
Free Mario ghost Game
Mario ghost
mario has become a ghost and is trapped ...
Free Halloween Game
lánzales squash all the ghosts of this mysterious ...
Free Halloween Champions 2 Game
Halloween Champions 2
Halloween frights and not all are being scared ...
Free The haunted house of ghouls Game
The haunted house of ghouls
You are outside a house full of monsters ...
Free Ghosts vs zombies Game
Ghosts vs zombies
you're the ghost you have to kill all the zombies ...
Free Witch vs ghosts Game
Witch vs ghosts
Terrifying game in which the main characters are an evil witch ...
Free Casper at Christmas Game
Casper at Christmas
interacts across the room in a Christmas day with Casper ...
Free Ghostbusters 2 Game
Ghostbusters 2
Ghostbusters was a hit movie of the eighties ...

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Free Pacman Game
A classic among classics, Pacman ...
Free Pacman classic Game
Pacman classic
if you are someone that you like the old classic ...
Free Scooby Doo 2 at the museum Coolsonian Game
Scooby Doo 2 at the museum Coolsonian
Scooby Doo has been cast in error in the museum ...
Free Terror investigation Game
Terror investigation
This is a graphic adventure game where you are a young ...
Free Pacman 3d Game
Pacman 3d
pacman play new 3D version. for those who have never ...
Free PacXon Game
The famous Pacman arrives today ...
Free Scooby Doo: drunk Game
Scooby Doo: drunk
scooby doo has to throw bottles of wine the evil ghost ...
Free Scooby doo ghost escapes Game
Scooby doo ghost escapes
playing another fun game of Scooby Doo. Our friends ...
Free Anti pacman Game
Anti pacman
you are now ghosts pacman game and your mission ...
Free Scooby adventure 4 Game
Scooby adventure 4
we give a series of objects that are scattered ...
Free Escape from the haunted house Game
Escape from the haunted house
It is Halloween night and your friends have locked ...
For mobile
Free Pacman FPS Shooter Game
Pacman FPS Shooter
Play the new version of Pacman, this time the player ...
Free Zombie murderer Game
Zombie murderer
You have a mission to kill all zombies halloween ...
Free Halloween 6 Game
Halloween 6
Just get to the camp but no one. you have to investigate ...
Free Halloween: Escape Game
Halloween: Escape
It is Halloween night and some friends you have locked ...
Free Halloween costume Game
Halloween costume
indhira are looking for a good costume for dancing ...
Free Halloween 3 Game
Halloween 3
It is Halloween night and all the inhabitants of this city are on the streets ...
Free Jack pumps Game
Jack pumps
Play classic game bomb jack. for those who have never ...
Free Miraculous Ladybug Pacman Game
Miraculous Ladybug Pacman
Play this passionate Pacman game based on the Prodigiosa ...
Free Dark Souls Immortal Game
Dark Souls Immortal
In this game Dark Souls you have to face the dark side of the tyranny ...
Free Pacman 2005 Game
Pacman 2005
Pacman is back in a new, more modern ...
Free Freddy's Nightmares Game
Freddy's Nightmares
This guy spends a lot of time playing ...
Free Ghost Rider Game
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider comes to our site with a very clear ...
Free Tom and jerry: aircraft Game
Tom and jerry: aircraft
Jerry has gotten rid of the cat Tom and sent far away. ...
Free Osama bin Laden Game
Osama bin Laden
the spirit of osama bin laden to come back to revenge ...
Free Lego rescue on the ghost train Game
Lego rescue on the ghost train
live another heroic adventure in the world ...
Free The fight skeletons Game
The fight skeletons
In this fighting game you'll face a fighter ...
Free Escape the house of ghosts Game
Escape the house of ghosts
You#39;ve received a large inheritance ...
Free Halloween Monster Hunt Game
Halloween Monster Hunt
You are trapped in a cemetery on Halloween ...
Free Boxhead the zombie wars Game
Boxhead the zombie wars
Welcome to Hell! In this game you must try to survive ...


Ghosts Games

How to play ghosts free, no downloads

The tormented souls are trapped in limbo, this place is among the world of the living and the dead. So you love this world and want to contact the spirits must go to a place where something tragic happens, sometimes find an old haunted mansion.

If you dare to go to the mansion is possible that the ghosts do not like and try allpor miss any means. You must be strong and not let you scare easily, since in many cases only minor ghosts want to scare you out but not harm you. But if you find yourself with a spirit of great power and hatred may leave really hurt and can even die, you have to go prepared with good ycmara flashlight to record everything that happens.

Some of these phenomena is only possible to travs of photographs capture them, it is amazing what can appear in a photograph made in one of these places. Many people go to these sites without really believing in these entities, but to get home and look at the pictures of the place are really convinced that they exist. Aventrate now to tour the most dark and gloomy places in the world.

Play with the most renowned landscape of video games ghosts. The evil characters of Mario Bros or the hit TV series Ghostbusters are some of the protagonists of these games.

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