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Free Experiments Game

This is a graphic adventure game where you have to figure out how to get out of these strange ...

Free Tests and experiments Game
Tests and experiments

Put yourself to the test and demuestrate that level of intelligence ...

Free Puzzles of screws Game
Puzzles of screws

The mission of this game is very simple. all you have to do is bring the nut to the screw. ...

Free You can not explode! Game
You can not explode!

in this game you have to think how not to exploit ...

Free Pure physics Game
Pure physics

Heres a game where you use all your wits and logic to complete ...

Free Inventor in distress Game
Inventor in distress

This inventor is very skilled when it comes to creating ...

Free Story blob 2 Game
Story blob 2

in this game there are two strange creatures ...

Free Mechanisms Game

The goal of this game is to put your skills ...

Free Gears and chains Game
Gears and chains

in this game of gears and chains you have to get all the gear to rotate ...

Free Successful experiment Game
Successful experiment

Tickle your welcome with this game where you have to take the cue ball to the green flag. use your knowledge ...

Free The magician Game
The magician

youre the best magician of the world and all viewers ...

Free Experiments with zombies Game
Experiments with zombies

They have trapped hundreds of zombies and have locked ...

Free Elephant sleeper Game
Elephant sleeper

This skill game will surely love. The mission ...

Free Fighting mutant dogs Game
Fighting mutant dogs

dogfighting game where you have to mix different DNA to create ...

Free You're late! Game
You're late!

sandra has not heard the alarm clock to go to work and now have to comb and dress as quickly ...

Free Where is my mystery duck? Game

This alligator you see in the photo has lost his favorite duck and now you have to help has to find it. This is a game of logic and cunning ...

Free Minecraft creeper Game
Minecraft creeper

in this game you have to minecraft creeper ...

Free Save the ball Game
Save the ball

if you like the challenges this mini game you like insurance ...

Free Monsters laboratories Game
Monsters laboratories

this monster is an experiment in a science obsessed ...

Free Crocodiles and ducks Game
Crocodiles and ducks

plays with this cute crocodile where you have to reconnect ...

Free Logic future Game
Logic future

Future Logic is a fun game that will remind ...

Free Mooo Cow! Game
Mooo Cow!

Test all your skill, to pull the bottle and fill it with milk. interacts ...

Free Inventor in danger Game
Inventor in danger

this inventor has created several weapons ...

Free Cannon to troll Game
Cannon to troll

aim and shoot the troll display with this powerful ...

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