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Play and learn with Dora! Acompaaa this lovely young explorer, Dora 7 years old, and your pet, Botas (a purple monkey than 5 years old, faithful companion) in some of his travels and lives an adventure enriching and didactics !.
While these two intrepid adventurers advance with the help of a map, but not enough to reach your ultimate goal, so do not forget to help them in their search for lost items, or that they have lost, but also No need you to go through any obstacle or any obstacle that stands in their way and finally enigmticos find those objects.

Debers also help them overcome all the challenges and challenges that appear irn them as they progress the adventures of Dora and Boots.
This renowned animated series created by Mattel, Dora the Explorer is geared for preschool-age children with pursuing the teaching of lingsticos enseando inglsa didactic elements and the m pequeos s house.