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The best online games dinosaurs in Free PC without downloads. Dinosaurs games for children and adults with whom you can enjoy playing with different types of this creature as the Rex and others.
Free I am the tyrannosaurus rex Game

play the second part of the game ny rex. rex you and i have you moved to the u. s. and have to escape ...

Free London rex Game
London rex

the fearsome tyrannosaurus rex has come to london ...

Free Smilodon and Mammoth furious Game
Smilodon and Mammoth furious

Unleash the fury of the saber-toothed tiger and pulls out his wild side to escape ...

Free Mexico Rex Game
Mexico Rex

The Rex is more powerful than before, now you have implemented ...

For mobile
Free Dinosaur steak Game
Dinosaur steak

The dinosaur you see in the picture needs to eat meat and you will be in charge ...

Free Create tyrannosaurus red robot Game
Create tyrannosaurus red robot

santa claus you given the incredible tyrannosaurus red mechanic ...

Free Hot Wheels vs. T.Rex Game
Hot Wheels vs. T.Rex

you choose who you want to play, with the Tyrannosaurus ...

Free You are the rex Game
You are the rex

in this game you#39;re the tyrannosaurus rex and have to escape ...

Free Cavemen vs Dinosaurs Game
Cavemen vs Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs busting screen with an artifact ...

Free Jurassic Hunter Game
Jurassic Hunter

Step into the world of Jurassic World Jurassic ...

Free My dear dinosaur Game
My dear dinosaur

Play this fun platform game. interacts with these two dinosaurs ...

Free Dinosaurs Game

Play this fun game online dinosaurs where you have to run a lot so you do not catch the dinosaur ...

Free Feed a dinosaur Game
Feed a dinosaur

this dinosaur is very hungry because his mother ...

Free Dinosaurs game Game
Dinosaurs game

You think you know everything about dinosaurs? Prove it with this game and know if you are an expert ...

Free Big head Game
Big head

Manage this big dinosaur on its way to the destruction ...

Free Dinosaurs ready Game
Dinosaurs ready

This cute dinosaur has to carry out an important mission for which it will need your help to finish ...

Free Dinosaurs Fights Robots Game
Dinosaurs Fights Robots

Make your own dinosaur robots and performs a series ...

Free Rise of the titans Game
Rise of the titans

you are a true titans and your duty is to take revenge ...

Free Donutsaurio Game

in this game you have to feed the dinosaur ...

Free Dino babies Game
Dino babies

If you like dinosaurs this will be one of your favorite ...

Free Dragon journey Game
Dragon journey

It helps the dragon to travel the world in search ...

Free Find the eight differences Game
Find the eight differences

Play this fun game of finding equalities. you have to find the eight differences ...

Free Dinosaur bike Game
Dinosaur bike

this baby dinosaur have to find the happy valley ...

Free Dinosaur adventures Game
Dinosaur adventures

We present this cute dinosaur named Donald who has to take an important ...

Free Dino train Game
Dino train

fun game based on the television series dino train. ...

Free Panic dinosaur Game
Panic dinosaur

in this game you are a young caveman ...

Other Dinosaurs Games

Free Cadillacs Dinosaurs Game
Cadillacs Dinosaurs

Play this fantastic game of struggle in the streets ...

Free Spyro Game

Sure many know the famous dragon Spyro, protagonist ...

Free Shooting dinosaurs Game
Shooting dinosaurs

protects laboratory attacks dinosaurs ...

Free Hunga Dinosaurs Game
Hunga Dinosaurs

Here is a new game of skill and dexterity ...

Free Tasty Planet Dinosaurs Game
Tasty Planet Dinosaurs

The small particle Tasty Planet protagonist arrives ...

Free Red Dragon Game
Red Dragon

Sign in to manage the Red Dragon in this adventure ...

Free Dino adventures Game
Dino adventures

these friendly dinonosaurios have to escape from this island ...

Free Dinosaur king 2 Game
Dinosaur king 2

Here the second part of the game Dino Rey, in which this cute dinosaur ...

Free Escape the Tyrannosaurus rex Game
Escape the Tyrannosaurus rex

You are in the middle of a lush forest ...

Free Caverns Game

dinosaurs have kidnapped your girlfriend and go to the rescue ...

Free Prehistoric cars Game
Prehistoric cars

Take a tour in a prehistoric car. Please note that you have to do in a limited ...

Free Jurassic World: Hidden Number Game
Jurassic World: Hidden Number

Jurassic World In this game you have to search ...

Free Rex racer Game
Rex racer

rex is a bought these bikes and you have to collect ...

Free Digimon agumon Game
Digimon agumon

you#39;re a great coach Digimon but now you#39;re on your way a great challenge. ...

Free Monster revolution Game
Monster revolution

game where drive a monster and you are in a city where you have to destroy ...

Free Dinosaur robot Game
Dinosaur robot

aliens are invading earth, but a scientist ...

Free Warp Forest Game
Warp Forest

You are lost in a jungle and to find the exit must collect ...

Free Restaurant dinosaur Game
Restaurant dinosaur

Dinosaurs are also entitled to enjoy delicacies like cakes, ...

Free Dinosaur runs Game
Dinosaur runs

This dinosaur has to escape the flames of the volcano ...

Free Dinosaur coloring Game
Dinosaur coloring

you have to color the dinosaurs as you you like. You have a variety ...

Free Dinosaur king Game
Dinosaur king

Dino king is an adventure in which you have to drive to this little ...

Free Jurassic Terror Game
Jurassic Terror

In this game you#39;re a dinosaur and your mission ...

Free Digimon puzzle Game
Digimon puzzle

We have created a fantastic puzzle with which to spend a good evening ...

Free Combine! Dino Robot Mammoth Game
Combine! Dino Robot Mammoth

Mount all parts of this dinosaur robot with which you can move around ...

Free Caverman Game

With this game you will get into the skin of a caveman ...

Free Dinosaur differences Game
Dinosaur differences

in this game you have to find five differences ...

Free Gizmo at Christmas Game
Gizmo at Christmas

gizmo has to help Santa has to collect all the gifts of the screen ...

Free Parking in prehistory Game
Parking in prehistory

bears a strong resemblance to the drawings of the Flintstones, ...

Free Spongebob runs in dinosaur Game
Spongebob runs in dinosaur

live another exciting adventure with spongebob ...

Free Shark attacks in prehistory Game
Shark attacks in prehistory

You are a very hungry shark prehistory and your mission ...

Free Jurassic pinball Game
Jurassic pinball

A great classic like pinball games comes a new great success ...

Free Gangnam style: Dinosaur escape Game
Gangnam style: Dinosaur escape

playing another fun game gangnam style where you have to run everything ...

Free Mario and yoshi Game
Mario and yoshi

first installment of the adventures of Mario and his faithful ...

Free Diego rescue dinosaur Game
Diego rescue dinosaur

Our friend Diego has to collect all the fossils ...

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Dinosaurs Games

How to play dinosaurs free, no downloads
million years ago dinosaurs roamed the planet, some of these creatures were colossal and grew to be more than 30 meters high. Each of these beings had their own qualities to survive predators moment, some of them were terribly big and strong like Tyrannosaurus rex.
While others used their intelligence, agility, speed and teamwork with his herd as the velociraptor to kill their prey. Others were true predators able to approach their victims undetected killing them in one blow.
Some of them were also able to fly, thanks to its large size with a single attack were able to lift a medium-sized dinosaur thanks to the musculature of his powerful wings. Reptiles today are undoubtedly the most direct descendants of these great beings of antiquity and were the kings of the Earth during the early planet long before the first ancestors of man.
Now you can enjoy all these kinds of dinosaurs online way on your PC. We have special games for children dinosaurs, dinosaurs made robots, and a variety of free games where you can get an idea of ​​what a dinosaur era could do. Get back several million years ago and immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs!