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Free Modern dance Game
Modern dance
This girl has a great performance tonight is that this is a great ...
Free Dances with little pony Game
Dances with little pony
Play this fun little pony dance. you have to want to dance ...
Free Disney dances Game
Disney dances
minnie and daisy no mercy to the last dance ...
Free Oppa gangnam: dances Game
Oppa gangnam: dances
have a good time playing this fun dance dancing ...
Free Gangnam style dance Game
Gangnam style dance
You know how to dance dancing Gangnam Style ...
Free Step it up 2 Game
Step it up 2
Play this fun game of dances where a lot of discussion ...
Free Flamenco dancer Game
Flamenco dancer
Takes the art of your mind with the game of dress ...
Free Adagio guitar Game
Adagio guitar
if you like to play guitar and you are good, ...
Free Pop star Game
Pop star
sara helps to realize his dream of pop star. ...
Free Dancing on the bar Game
Dancing on the bar
you have to try, it is to reach the door in front ...
Free High school dancer Game
High school dancer
you're in high school and you have to learn ...
Free Bounce n boom: I vimto Game
Bounce n boom: I vimto
Play this lively game of music where a small ...
Free Dancing with barbie Game
Dancing with barbie
barbie wants to teach new dance ...
Free Hillary Clinton dancing Game
Hillary Clinton dancing
Dance like you're Hillary Clinton ...
Free A dance Game
A dance
Today we bring you a game with a lot of rhythm. ...
Free Hip hop Game
Hip hop
These girls dancing with the rhythm ...
Free Dance with taz Game
Dance with taz
our friend Taz and Tweety want to record an album ...
Free Jungle jiggy Game
Jungle jiggy
Eeey! you are not given anything wrong, ...
Free Dances with gangnam style Game
Dances with gangnam style
a good time dancing with the new song Gangnam ...
Free Gangnam style: dance Game
Gangnam style: dance
dances gangnam style dance ...
Free Gangnam style at Christmas Game
Gangnam style at Christmas
have a good time playing this fun Christmas game gangnam ...
Free Heavy metal dance Game
Heavy metal dance
We will provide the best dancing game Heavy ...
Free Professional dj Game
Professional dj
Step into the shoes of a dijey and create ...
Free Dj fest volume 2 Game
Dj fest volume 2
Step into the shoes of a real and make dijey ...
Free No music no life Game
No music no life
funny animation on sticks dolls ...
Free Good sound dj Game
Good sound dj
You're a great DJ and the best known ...
Free Gangnam ta ta ta 3 Game
Gangnam ta ta ta 3
The famous dance Gangnam Style ...
Free Gollum Rapper: music video Game
Gollum Rapper: music video
If you're a big fan of The Lord of the Rings ...
Free Dreaming of being a rock star Game
Dreaming of being a rock star
great game very similar to Guitar Hero, ...
Free Groups of musicians Game
Groups of musicians
these on an island and need cheerful atmosphere. ...

+ Dances Games

Free Dance with the penguins of madagascar Game
Dance with the penguins of madagascar
have a good time playing this fun game to dance ...
Free Doraemon: Doraemon run run! Game
Doraemon: Doraemon run run!
lobita is in trouble with giant doraemon ...
Free Doraemon in the Olympic Games Game
Doraemon in the Olympic Games
Doraemon want to help have to guess the Doraemon ...
Free Bendy dances for fanboys Game
Bendy dances for fanboys
You can not imagine the humor video that we have prepared ...
Free Dance with the Beauty and the Beast Game
Dance with the Beauty and the Beast
Dance with the Beauty and the Beast in the royal ...


Dances Games

How to play dances free, no downloads

The music brings the rhythm with her and there are few who can resist hitting the track to dance, there are many types of dance like the music and each has its own style. Become the king of tracks around the world learning the steps of each dance and cancintpicos not let anyone overcome you.

Starts dance styles that you like ms with funk, this mix of soul, jazz and Latin rhythms gives us a musical style where the percussion mark more clearly the rhythm of the music and steps. That's why learning this style is quite simple because each stroke of percussion makes alusina a step, so if you feel the rhythm podrs learn to dance in an instant.

We also find other much more complicated as bachata, in which you must dance with your dance partner so blended. Because if you're wrong in one step you can step on your partner and end up on the floor, but if you do it brillars in the center of the dance floor.

Take to the track and begin to move the skeleton dances in these games. You can emulate the funniest dances like the Gangnam Style and many others with famous players such as Disney, Barbie, Mario Bros, etc. characters

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