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Many bothers us when the car takes gra, but now can be t who takes them. Enjoy the pleasure of taking more parked cars and watch the reactions of his dueos passing in front of them with his car hooked.
When we take a car to be rapids, as dueos intentarn get inside to prevent trailers from the deposit. If a Dueo gets inside a vehicle, by law can not be towed so always intentarn this. In other cases we can drive a tow to accidents or mishaps with the car, so we have to drive from our workshop until the crashed car.
Sometimes we find the driver with his car to the side of the highway, so tendrs to stop beside preventing cars from the highway embistan you. Once a crashed car side we can only try to fix it at the time, trying to load the baterao putting water in the radiator. If we can not repair it we will tow it to the shop without hitting anyone.