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Carambola Games

How to play carambola free, no downloads

In games of carom billiards French billiards you have to hit the cue ball with a cue to hit the ball so that your opponent bounce in the bands of the pool table or as others know him as pool.

In the billiards carom no holes or baskets, there are only two long and two short bands. The player must use the cue to hit the white ball hit with and try to give the other balls bouncing three times on different bands. Every time you get to bounce the ball three times in the bands, a point will be obtained. The player with the highest score wins.

If you have a passion for billiard games, you certainly will like games or French carom billiards. Put your talent to endorse the French pool to break your limits.

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Play carom, pool tables without holes, to make the best tricks ever seen in a game of pool. Sharpen your aim and make balls bounce correctly to create a great effect.

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