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Pucca helps to flee from these evil characters who persecute you. You have three types of objects to throw pursuers but each corresponding to one of them. The chicken is what you used to shoot down the girl, sharp stars will serve to bring down the samurai and chacos for the boys dressed in black. Each of these weapons is assigned a corresponding key, so you must press it when the first persecutor of our character is the one that corresponds to that weapon. You must be agile and be very careful not to go wrong because you have a limited number of failures. As you progress in levels speed will increase and will have to be faster to shoot down opponents. Stay calm or pressure can make you fail. Collect points while saving Pucca and set your record.

player 1 key z key x key c shoot,

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Free Pucca running Game
Pucca running

Pucca helps to flee from these evil characters ...

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