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Painted Doraemon as it is in reality or as you want, but that if it put him pretty well Paint Doraemon 1
Painted this version of Doraemon but this time has wings and is flying. Paint Doraemon 2
Painted Doraemon as best you see this time he`s drunk and does not see colors well, do it it looks good Paint Doraemon 3
This beautiful girl should be painted with the most exuberant colors you see on screen. Color me
Here is the famous plumber video games for you can paint him as more or like. Paint Mario Bros
Paint color to this bee and bear most exciting colors you see. Bees and Bears
Paint these sweethearts who enjoy the night sitting on the moon. Paint the Moon
Funny picture of a boy who must paint Boy
Fun game that you should paint a bunny in the shortest time possible. Rabbit Coloring
Paint this guy running through the forest at full speed. Corridor
Paint this fairy that flies over the clouds with the most appropriate colors. On the moon

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