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Doraemon Games

Doraemon is a cosmic cat from the future to help Nobita in its infancy commissioned by Sewashi Nobi, in order to help his grandfather and enjoy a better future. But as robot cat from the future, has a lot of inventions which try to help Nobita in many situations.
Although Nobita is really clumsy, clueless and lazy so often the use of inventions Doraemon only end up causing problems on their own fault. Normally fifth grader suffer sb problem at school or neighborhood through which end in tears, but his faithful companion so listen and advise. But Nobita not want to work hard to get things and always tries to lend him some of his inventions to go the easy way.
But even using the futuristic inventions that gives you, is able to get a catastrophic outcome. Something that show us these two characters is the unstoppable curious friendship that can arise between two friends.