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49 Dinosaurs Games

Play pinball with this fun game where you show images of various dinosaurs. Jurassic Pinball
You are lost in the jungle surrounded by dinosaurs and you have to get out of there anyway, find the keys and get out of there as soon as possible. Warp Forest
The powerful protector of heaven is invaded by beings negligible, check your kingdom before the wrecking everything. Red Dragon
You must make this puzzle to know what the original picture, trust me it is worth trying. If you really like Digimon. Digimon puzzle
The dinosaurs have kidnapped your girlfriend and go to the rescue as a great hero. Interact with the arrow keys for movement and the space bar to throw mud. Echale mud dinosaurs to make them a big ball and then throw it. Caves
It is very similar to drawings of The Flintstones, the only thing that changes is the characters. The mission of the game is as follows. Park the car at the destination that you indicate. Parking in prehistory
The Rex is to buy these bikes and have to collect dinosaur eggs in the shortest time possible. Try not to fall otherwise you will start heading back. Interact with the arrow keys to control your bike Rex Racer
Fun game based on the television series Dino train. The volcano is erupting and you must escape the island, dodging the flames of the volcano stones and jump the lava lake is located on the island. Remember you can not hit anything Dino tren
You`re a great coach Digimon but now you`re on your way a great challenge. Agumon has a date with a Digimon and you want to put good- looking. Help him to dress for an event of this nature. Digimon Agumon
Pet Wonder faces another fun adventure. The Wonder Pet has to dress up to go to the island of dinosaurs. We also have to build a boat to reach the mysterious island and find the dinosaur breeding Wonder Pet
Play this fun platform game. Interact with these two dinosaurs inseparable, must escape from this cursed island and that will mean overcoming barias tests. You have to go through all the obstacles and find the door My dear dinosaur
Play this fun game of finding the similarities. You have to find the eight differences before time runs out to the next level. Do it as quickly as possible to achieve a high score Find the eight differences
Some aliens are invading earth, but a scientist has created a dinosaur robots to remove these UFOs. You can choose between two kinds of robots, choose the most desired and get to kill all the aliens Robot Dinosaur
Our friend Diego has to collect all the fossils that are on the screen and rescue all the dinosaurs that are trapped in this maze. Give food to the dinosaurs so they can help Diego Dinosaur Rescue
You have to color the dinosaurs as you you like. You have a variety of colors and dinosaurs to choose the one you like. Interact with your mouse and see how much fun you depart Dinosaur Coloring
These lovely dinonosaurios must escape from this island and you will have to help. You must pick up the master key that opens the lock on the door and it will have to interact with the best dinosaur Dino Adventures
Take a tour in a car prehistoric. Note that you must do in a limited time also watch out for dinosaurs that lie ahead. Interact with the cursor Cars prehistoric
The baby dinosaur has to find the enchanted valley and it will have to travel on his bicycle through mountains and roads in very poor condition. Try not to crash, otherwise you`ll start the level again Dinosaur bike
First installment of the adventures of Mario and his faithful friend, the dinosaur Yoshi. Between the two thou must unite and make a series of exciting adventures and great fun to get to save Princess Peach. Mario and Yoshi
This dinosaur has to escape the flames of the volcano has erupted and has to run everything you can to avoid being hit by the flames of the volcano Run Dinosaur

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