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22 Dino rey Games

This dinosaur is very hungry because your mom can not take care of but you have to find a way to feed this dinosaur. Use the mouse to play this fun game, click the mouse the object you want to disappear Feeding a dinosaur
Play the new Spyro game where you must collect all the diamonds you find to create new skills Spyro
In this game you are the Tyrannosaurus Rex and you have to escape from your cage and eat all the humans on each screen. Be careful with armed humans can cause you serious problems You Rex
In this game you have to find the five differences in each level. You enjoy unpublished images of dinosaurs. Find all the differences before time runs out Differences of dinosaurs
Help the dragon to travel the world in search of a magical amulet. You have to fly through the sky and dodge all the obstacles you encounter. Try not to crash, otherwise you will be charged only one life and you have four life to find the amulet The Dragon Trip
Play the second part of the game NY Rex. Rex You and I have you moved to the U. S. and have to escape and eat all the humans that you find on your way, seek shelter where no one finds you and escape once and for all I am the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Other free Pets Games

It`s a basketball game with players rodents. Rabbits are highly trained to stop playing basketball against the same players in the NBA. Basketball rabbit
Spend some time creating and caring for your kitten. Create a cat as you want, wash and dry your dog for this very nice Wash kitten
Have exclusive beauty salon for cats, everyone will want you ASEES the cat and pick a nice hat and a pretty necklace Wash dirty cats
This cat needs your help because he needs a good washing, combing, drying and may require a vaccine. You also have to make a bed so you can take a nap Pet Care: Cats
Here in this game shows the true friendship between dogs and cats. Choose whether you want to play in a player or two players for knock- down. Cats & Dogs
Stickman In this game you have to sharpen your aim in training targets. You have to prove that you are fast and efficient with gun Stickman, point and shoot
Help Barbie to dress for her first day of Dr. animals. Barbie is very nervous about his first day of professional animal doctor and wants to make a good impression Doctor Barbie and Pets
Take care with love and harmony to this kitten has had a terrible street fight and is now very hurt. Heals their wounds to recover soon and can play with us soon Talking ginger at the doctor