Dino rey Most Wanted Games

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22 Dino rey Games

This dinosaur is very hungry because your mom can not take care of but you have to find a way to feed this dinosaur. Use the mouse to play this fun game, click the mouse the object you want to disappear Feeding a dinosaur
Play the new Spyro game where you must collect all the diamonds you find to create new skills Spyro
In this game you are the Tyrannosaurus Rex and you have to escape from your cage and eat all the humans on each screen. Be careful with armed humans can cause you serious problems You Rex
In this game you have to find the five differences in each level. You enjoy unpublished images of dinosaurs. Find all the differences before time runs out Differences of dinosaurs
Help the dragon to travel the world in search of a magical amulet. You have to fly through the sky and dodge all the obstacles you encounter. Try not to crash, otherwise you will be charged only one life and you have four life to find the amulet The Dragon Trip
Play the second part of the game NY Rex. Rex You and I have you moved to the U. S. and have to escape and eat all the humans that you find on your way, seek shelter where no one finds you and escape once and for all I am the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Other free Pets Games

Have the best pet beauty salon and for a large sum of revenue will have to work very hard. You have to meet the customers` pets and animals washing Wash pets
Choose the character you like and trained to participate in the next Olympics. Will you be able to get the gold medal? Animal racing in the Olympics
Have a good time creating custom dog to your liking. Use the mouse to play this fun game Creator of dogs
Great action game where you are a Stikman and your mission is to kill all the enemies before they can kill you. Avanza levels buying upgrades and new weapons Casual crazy action
In this game you have to take care of pets to care for a dog and a cat. You have to feed, drinking, washing and playing with pets. To play this game you must use your mouse Caring for dogs and cats
Spend some time creating and caring for your kitten. Create a cat as you want, wash and dry your dog for this very nice Wash kitten
This is a graphic adventure game where you`re an alien and your mission to kill all puppets of the game without being afraid of your presence Invaders vs puppets
I`ve found this cute puppy in the street and your mom does not want you to have it at home, you have to wash, comb and dress the puppy to find an owner. Earn money to buy more clothes for this puppy Doggy Wash and comb