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9 Digimon Games

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Spend some time playing with the cat and dog Talking Tom Cat Great game humor based on a debate between cat and dog. Use the mouse to play this fun game Talking Tom Cat 3
Create the ideal home for each dog. You have to build the house to suit the dog is going to live there. Each dog has their own taste and you have to build the house to the taste of each dog. Use the mouse to play this game Create homes ideal for dogs
Now you can create your own custom Furby, you can change styles and dresses as often as you like. Sure your creativity will create a nice Furby Create Furby
Talking Tom wants you to help her choose a nice costume for these carnivals. Visit Talking Tom dressing to combine different costumes Talking Tom Dress
This time it`s Batman`s pet, your dog is to patrol the city instead of Batman. The Batman Dog
Our friend, Dora the Explorer has a new mission, to train this nice dog. You have to teach the dog to eat, turn around and many more activities to compete in the big contest Dora the Explorer, puppy training
Play this fun game of Zuma. You have to throw the colored balls with their color to eliminate them. The balls can not reach the end of the path, it will end the game Zuma: Pets
Excellent game where you must care for dogs, cats and other animals. Give them food, clean them and play with them so they are super happy. Caring for pets
Dogfighting game where you have to mix different DNA to create a super dog, your dog transforms into a killing machine. You have to beat your opponents to unlock new DNA Fight mutant dogs
Besa has Angela when nobody stop filling the heart with love before time runs out. How many times will kiss Angela? Kisses Talking Tom and Angela
Play this fun game based on the movie dog Beethoven. You have to walk to the bottom of the screen, collecting all the bones as possible to reach the highest score. Jump all the obstacles without getting caught by the screen Beethoven
Play this fun adventure game with our friend Diego. Our friend Diego has to rescue the baby animals of this island. Must be flown by plane and helicopter to rescue the baby boom of the animals Diego Rescue latter one
Have the best pet beauty salon and for a large sum of revenue will have to work very hard. You have to meet the customers` pets and animals washing Wash pets
In this game you have to ingeniártela minium for each pair of pet including yours. You have to move the sausage to run the desired pet, but remember that cats with dogs do not get along very well Animals with family
Funny animation in 6 dogs that appear on the screen, hover over each one and make a different sound, Dogs gaseous
Animation fight very well designed in that theres really spectacular coups and trickery very well done. Sloppy Fight 2
If you like cats a lot, create your own. Put the ears that you like, put his tail coolest what you want and the way you want. Create cats
Compete in one of the biggest competitions of car, is a game very similar to classic Mario car. Interact with the arrow keys for movement and the spacebar to jump. Animal racing
Play with the cool characters from the Dreamworks Madagascar 2 drawings, where you have to interact with Marty the zebra, to throw rocks at a waterfall giving kicks. Madagascar 2