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Great action game where you are a Stikman and your mission is to kill all the enemies before they can kill you. Avanza levels buying upgrades and new weapons Casual crazy action
Talking Ben the dog and have problems with teeth that never brush your teeth, is now suffering a terrible toothache and you have to heal. Step into the shoes of a dentist to heal the mouth of this cute dog Talking Ben Dentist
A flash adventure lord of the rings, driving an imitation of gandalf must destroy all your enemies. Battle Lord of the Rings
Game that mixes puzzle with a platform so that you go moving blocks to reach to end Ogotu
Fido is hungry, you feed him all the food they find, otherwise they will be furious, feed him for fido and have a good time Fido fetch
Move forward to the couch as quickly as possible, then you should give go. Penguins: Knut
Play this addictive game where you have to drive to a beautiful young woman, none other than Heidi, and pull the stick as hard as possible Throw the Bell
Play this fun game of finding pets. You`re the best detective in the area and your mission is to find the pet hidden from screen. Look good which may be lost pets Pet Detective
Game fight in which they operate an amiable bear, and your opponent will be a fly on the evil you have to kill Tai Chi Teddy
Manage this cat enraged and kills all the bugs you see with the ball without any mercy Cat Bowling
Play this fun kart racing game, you can also choose boats and take between various characters. Racoon Racing
Funny animation in 6 dogs that appear on the screen, hover over each one and make a different sound, Dogs gaseous
The second installment of this fun animation where the animation is revealed against their creator. Animator VS Animation II
Laugh with this hungry dog, the poor have to eat and do not know how to get food and will have to follow the instructions explained. Push Here For Food
Funny animation about dancing dolls on sticks to the music by moving their skeletons. No Music No Life
Animation fight very well designed in that theres really spectacular coups and trickery very well done. Sloppy Fight 2
Animation of a fight in which the dolls are real beating, very entertaining. Sloopy Fight 1
Funny mario bros game in which you will need to go joining various colors of different Marios. Mario Bros Puppets
This time it`s Batman`s pet, your dog is to patrol the city instead of Batman. The Batman Dog